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Trump Threatens To Put Special Prosecutor On Hillary’s Emails If She Backs Recount: “’Lock Her Up’ Just Got Back On The Table”

In a statement posted to Medium on Saturday morning, the general counsel for Hillary for America announced the campaign would get behind recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan should Green Party candidate Jill Stein make good on her promise to look into voting totals in those states. According to attorney Marc Erik Elias, the campaign has […]


Carson Argues His Experience In Separating Twins And Denying Evolution Is “Exactly What Qualifies Me To Serve As HUD Head”

Ben Carson is reportedly considering an offer to serve as Department of Housing and Urban Development secretary in President-elect Donald Trump’s forthcoming administration. Carson said Wednesday night in an interview with Fox News that “the offer is on the table” and said a decision could be expected “in the next few days.” “We did in […]