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Morgan Ortagus: “Greeting The Real First Lady In Your Pajamas Proves You Were Never Right For The Job In The First Place”

Morgan Ortagus, a frequent Fox Business pundit and national co-chair of Maverick PAC, recently argued that the now former First Lady Michelle Obama should “just smile and be helpful to Melania Trump” instead of voicing her concerns about the president-elect. “People need to understand the American people spoke, the Electoral College voted and it’s time […]


Sean Spicer: “DNC Complaining About Getting Hacked Is Like A Girl Dressing Up Like A Hooker And Then Crying About Getting Raped”

Incoming Trump administration Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Thursday urged the media to stop blaming Russia for stealing campaign emails and instead place the “responsibility” on the Democratic National Committee. Spicer told CNN’s Jake Taper that Democrats were focusing on the so-called Russian hacking of DNC emails in an effort to undermine Trump’s election. And […]