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Tom Price: “It’s Better For Our Budget If Cancer Patients Die More Quickly”

Brian Kline is the type of person who voted for President Donald Trump in November. He’s a working-class man whose job is in retail, scoring him $11.66/hour. Thanks to Medicaid he’s being treated for cancer. During the CNN town hall with Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, Kline explained his situation and his struggles. […]


Pat Robertson: “Just Staring At Our First Lady Can Heal Gays”

“We need to build a rehab clinic or something and name it after her, something like, ‘Melania Trump’s Gay Rehab for American Boys and Men’ or something. And before anyone says anything – I’m well aware the abbreviation for that would be ‘Melania Trump’s GRABM’”


Rep. Humphrey: “If A Woman Is Stupid Enough To Get Pregnant, How Can She Demand To Decide The Fate Of The Baby With All Those Hormones?”

During a recent interview with The Intercept, Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Humphrey (R) insisted that if a woman is “irresponsible” enough to get an abortion, then she should only be considered “a host” for the fetus. Humphrey is supporting a bill that would ban women from getting an abortion without the permission of the father. […]