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Bristol Palin: “Hollywood Sissies Refusing To Sing At Trump Inauguration Because They’re Afraid Of Falling In Love With The Great, Handsome Man”

The daughter of former half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin had a meltdown on her blog Wednesday, calling out what she termed the 11 “sissies” who have publicly stated that they have no intention of performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration. To date, organizers of the president-elect’s big coming out party have only landed an America’s Got […]


NRA CEO: “This Is Our Historic Opportunity To Force Public Schools To Give Shooting Lessons From The First Grade”

Donald Trump hasn’t taken the oath of office yet, but the National Rifle Association is already celebrating the future repeal of gun-free school zones and an end to expanded background checks. The Associated Press reported over the weekend that gun rights activists were preparing for “a sweeping expansion of gun rights under his administration and […]