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Scott Wagner Claims Climate Change Is Due To “Earth Moving Closer To The Sun Because Of Huge Magnets Built By Greenpeace”

A Republican Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate said this week that global warming is caused by the Earth moving closer to the sun. NPR reports that Pennsylvania State Senator Scott Wagner on Tuesday gave a talk in favor of conducting natural gas drilling in state forests – and he justified his position by using a scientifically incorrect […]


Ann Coulter: “Mexicans Need To Decide Whether They Prefer Paying For The Wall Or Sending Us Their Therapists To Treat The Girls They’re Raping”

Ann Coulter rarely shies away from a controversial topic, even when it means being targeted by internet trolls unhappy with her political views. The conservative pundit took to Twitter Thursday and made a comparison that sent social media users into a fury. Coulter linked a quote from the Washington Examiner’s Byron York, which cited another […]