10 Unique Swag Ideas for Promotional Giveaways

Planning to order promo items for a conference or staff appreciation day? Don’t settle for the same old boring stuff that ends up in the trash can.

Think about the conferences you’ve attended in the past. What giveaways have you kept? You’d probably be more likely to save a portable power bank than a plastic wrist band. This is because the power bank is more memorable and useful.

You’re probably still using the power bank today when your phone dies on a road trip.

It’s time to spice up your giveaways with these 10 unique swag ideas that’ll leave staff or guests impressed and grateful. Keep reading this post for some promo giveaway ideas that’ll get their attention.

Tips For Finding Unique Swag Ideas

Before you start combing through catalogs or websites for fun promotional items, here are some tips on picking the right swag for your company or event:

  • Find a creative product source
  • Stay relevant to your industry
  • Think about your target audience and what they want
  • Keep the season or your event them in mind
  • Order both inexpensive and high-priced items so you can be strategic with how you hand them out

The last thing to consider is your budget. Set it before you start shopping. In some cases buying more of a specific product with reduce the price per unit.

Fruit Shape Foldable Tote Bag

Everyone loves a free tote bag or drawstring backpack, but what about a fun twist by offering fruit-shaped bags?

Brand Spirit offers fine nylon tote bags that can be folded into a heart-shaped pouch or small piece of fruit. The strawberry, orange, and heart pouch comes with drawstrings and the banana has a carabiner. Feature your brand on the bag with one-color screen printing.

These bags are a perfect promotional gift idea for companies focusing on food or wellness. But, they can also be something to hand out on college campuses.

Chalkboard Coffee Mug

Coffee is a staple at any meeting or conference. Treat your employees or guests with a sleek coffee mug with a chalkboard finish.

The mug holds 12 fluid oz. of coffee and is made of highly durable porcelain. Each box comes with a piece of chalk and buyers have the option of prefabricated images like tic-tac-toe.

Put names on each cup, write messages to each other, or ask each person to represent their personality on the mug — the options are limitless!

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality headsets aren’t just for Silicon Valley. Anyone can order a cheap pair and use them with a smartphone.

These headsets are great to give out at tradeshows or expos. Showcase the inside of a new building or virtually demonstrate how your product or service works. Models range from $3 to $20 per unit and your logo can be imprinted.

Users will need to place their smartphones in the goggles to get started and there is typically a webpage that needs to be opened or app to download. The displays are very realistic.

Challenge Coins

When managing a team nothing is more important than fostering a sense of community. Consider ordering challenge coins gifts to commemorate a major office milestone or the completion of a team-building activity.

Challenge coins are popular in the U.S. military, starting in 1990 when President Bill Clinton adopted the tradition. Receiving a challenge coin in the military is a huge honor. In recent years first responders like police, firefighters, or EMS have started giving out challenge coins too.

If you’re planning a fundraiser, consider putting challenge coins in your swag bags. A custom coin is the thoughtful kind of item guests will keep for many years.

Custom Pens

Mot conference attendees need something to write with and they are tired of the cheap plastic pens that break or dry out after a few uses. Spend a few extra bucks and order some high-end custom pens for your swag bags.

Giving out pens may seem cheap and boring, but think about if it’s a good pen your guest uses all of the time. Whenever they reach for the pen they’ll be seeing your logo and remember what a great gift you gave.

Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus, for instance, is a best seller made with aluminum and available in seven colors. Your company’s logo is laser imprinted in silver. Check out all of the great reviews for this pen.

Reusable Metal Straw Set

Whether you’re an eco-friendly company or you want to give out something no one has ever received before, reusable metal straws are a unique promotional item. These straws have been growing in popularity over the last few years.

Metal straws help reduce the amount of plastic waste in our waterways and their stainless steel design repels bacteria.

Buy a full kit to impress your guests or customers: a 5-piece set with two 6mm metal straws, one 12mm straight straw, a cleaning brush, and a cotton canvas drawstring sleeve. You have the option of choosing between silver and black, and most companies will upload a custom design.

It’s also important to point out that the straws are BPA free and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Custom Socks

Hosting an event? You can literally knock the socks off your guests with this piece of swag. Customize your own pair of socks!

Custom socks allow you to showcase your brand with a unique design. Upload your own design based on your logo or a recent project, and pantones will be matched to the nearest thread color. The cuff, heel, and toe are solid colors, but the rest is up to you.

Designing custom socks remotely isn’t as easy as ordering a few dozen highlighters, so most companies will provide you with production mockups to approve in advance.

The socks linked above are very comfortable, made of 75% cotton, 21% nylon, and 4% lycra. They’re crew length but customers have the option of ordering ankle socks.

Tech Organizers

Cocoon offers a fantastic tech organizer that is something to consider for your swag bag. With all the technology and cords we all carry — cell phones, headphones, power banks, car chargers, flash drives, and more — this gift will be appreciated.

Using their patented GRID-IT system you can neatly pack all of your cords and devices in adjustable elastic bands. There are endless configurations and the items hold firmly. Customers can choose between four colors.

The tech organizer can fit easily into a backpack or satchel. While it may cost a little more than your typical swag bag item, it’s something recipients are likely to use. They will use it for home, office, or travel.

On-the-Go Yoga Mats

Fitness and wellness are on everyone’s minds. If not joining a gym, most people are ordering workout programs to complete at home.

Another unique idea for your swag bag is On-the-Go Yoga Mats. The product we found is available in blue or green, and your logo can be screen printed on the carrying case. This particular brand is certified by the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA).

This giveaway is a no-brainer if you manage a gym or yoga studio, but is also great for companies promoting wellness or holding a retreat. Yoga relieves stress and makes people happier, and with this gift you’ll ensure staff morale stays high.

Portable Hammocks

Nothing is as relaxing as a late afternoon nap in a hammock. Some companies are giving out portable hammocks as promotional items. They can be set up just about anywhere with two trees or steady poles.

Google’s corporate headquarters in California installed hammocks for staff needing a brain break and many universities in tropical states like Florida have placed them around campus for students.

Recipients of a portable hammock can use them at the office if you allow it, at home, or on camping trips. The linked product includes the vinyl hammock, two hammock tree straps, and carabiners. Seven colors are available and your company logo can be imprinted.

Whether you give these out for staff appreciation or at a tradeshow, people will be lining up to get their hands on one. The hammock should only take about one minute to set up and looks great in any environment.

Need More Tips on Marketing and Branding?

The unique swag ideas we listed above are guaranteed to impress your staff or conference attendees. When selecting promotional items, the two most important considerations are choosing items your guests will use and making sure your logo is imprinted.

Brand recognition is so important and you’ll never know where your next customer comes from. The one thing you’ll want to make sure to do is to leave an impression so they will always remember you and the fantastic promo item you gave them.

Are you looking for more tips on marketing and branding? Read more of our blog for tips on boosting your brand awareness, creative marketing tactics, content creation, product management, and more.