13 Reasons Why We Can’t Stop Making Stupid Fu*ken Lists

1) You are more likely to read this, statistically speaking, if I organize this article in list form

2) If more people click on the article, we get paid more by advertisers

3) So as long as you sheep can be consistently herded, we can continue churning out pure garbage as long as it’s in numbered form

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4) Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

5) To be honest, I don’t really understand the psychology behind organizing information into discrete quanta.

6) I am writing in a list myself merely so that form mirrors content, like that poem about baseball I had to write in 3rd grade where the words created a baseball on the paper

7) I think they were called concrete poems.

8) Besides, choosing an arbitrary number is fun! Give it a try.

9) You can choose any number, even if it’s unlucky.

10) Don’t choose one that’s too high because then you might run out of ideas

11) And maybe not know how to fill out the rest of the template you’ve set up for yourself

12) I might do something avant-garde and end on a different number than promised.

13) On second thought, better not.

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