US Social Service Investigates Case Of 18-Year Old Girl Elected For Senate

“West Virginia – The US political scene is known for being scandalous, full of harsh words and devious acts, not to mention completely unpredictable. But, what happened on the November election is something probably no one could have predicted in a million years – an 18-year old girl has succeeded where so many before her have failed. She was elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates.

“Saira Blair is the name of the college freshman who officially became the youngest lawmaker in the country. Her path to the position from which she will represent a district of around 18, 000 people near the border with Maryland was rocky – in a tight race against the Democratic opponent (who is 44 years old, by the way), she managed to earn a whopping 63% of the vote, whereas her opponent bagged “just” 30%.

However, Miss Blair might not be able to enjoy her victory at all; her time as a lawmaker could very well be just a dream that might never come true, after all.
It would appear that the US Social Service was alerted shortly after the results of the election, which could pose a potential setback for young Miss Blair.

Allison Adler, the official Department of Health and Human Resources spokeswoman, stated in an interview with Newslo that “politics are a wonderful thing…if you’re white, male, and over 30. The fact that a young woman, who just started college, was elected to go into the caldron of corruption and deviance is worse than if she had been diagnosed with cancer.”
Adler also added: “she’s 18 years old, for heaven’s sake; she’s got plenty of time to lose sleep and have her life be destroyed by stress, and considering the fact that she’s the latest member of the Republican Party, you know what I mean. The US social services will definitely do everything in their power to get Miss Blair out of politics and back to her normal, teenage life.”

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