5 Eye-Catching DIY Real Estate Flyers Ideas

Flyers are one of the world’s most popular ways to publicize.

Eye-catching and to the point, flyers are used to draw your audience in and entice them towards your product.

When it comes to real estate flyers, these can be an excellent way to publicize your property as well as any open houses.

There is a balance and art to making the perfect flyer. Make it too flashy and people will lose interest. Make it clean and appealing, and they’ll want to see it for themselves.

Keep reading to find out our favorite online flyer template tips

1. Use Local Scenery

When working in real estate, you’re not just selling the house, you’re selling the entire town or area.

This is important to note when creating flyers.

Make sure to add in any iconic buildings, museums, or national parks that are nearby.

2. Hire a professional photographer

Chuck Vosburgh, a licensed realtor, shares that “the quality of the photography will determine whether the property is seen or not by 95% of buyers.”

When using flyers, this is extremely important, as buyers will be looking at the photos, not the description of the property.

3. Use A Proper Template

It can be tempting to create your own template, including a few photos of the property and any contact information.

However, this flyer is the first taste of the type of property, and type of realtor, potential buyers will be working with.

Make sure to use a proper template that will showcase the property and your services as a realtor in a beautiful way.

Check out these free real estate online flyer templates for inspiration!

4. Keep It Simple

When using a template, especially when choosing a background color, keep it simple.

You want the main focus to be on the content, in this case, the property, not your headshot.

By choosing a simple background color, you are able to draw potential buyers in without overwhelming them.

5. Design With Your Listing In Mind

Real estate flyers should match the property of the listing.

For instance. if you’re selling a beach house, and the background is forest green, it won’t sell as well.

Match the beach house with a light blue background and airy font, and you got yourself a sale.

Bonus Tip

Daniel Steinfeld, CEO of The Block Realty Inc suggests creating custom signage for all of your listings.

“While most signs focus on the agent and brokerage rather than the listing, we have produced custom signage for every property we sell. The ability to market the home itself to passersby provides additional benefit to our client.”

This can easily be done when creating real estate flyers by including the tips above as well as customizing for each listing you have.

By implementing all these tips, you will be able to create beautiful, eye-catching real estate flyers for all your listings easily, and successfully.

We hope that these tips were helpful for some do it yourself real estate flyer ideas.

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