5 Types of Gold Investments You Can Make

The preciousness of diamonds is often touted. However, have you considered just how valuable gold is?

Maybe you have and are thinking about how to invest in it. Investing in various types of gold is one of the wisest and best investments that you could make. However, the key is to do adequate research.

If you are thinking of investing in gold but are not certain where to begin? To get you started, check out the various types of gold investments that you can make.

Physical Gold is One of the Best Types of Gold Investment

This is normally a staple in most peoples’ investment portfolios. You can invest in physical gold. This can be in the form of jewelry and even gold coins such as the South African krugerrand.

Physical gold is good to own as you are the direct owner and you don’t have to worry about it retaining its value. On the flip side when privately stored your gold will probably have low liquidity.

For this reason, it would be better for you to invest in gold bullions based on its high liquidity. Gold bullions can also be vaulted and stored professionally in bank vaults. This gold also has high liquidity.

Gold Securities

The use of gold-based securities is a good way to invest in gold. Even though gold securities carry a high redemption fee, they can be redeemed.

Gold securities are good to have because of how conveniently they can be traded.

Gold Mining Stocks

With Gold Mining Stocks instead of investing in gold directly, you invest in gold mining companies. This carries several risks and you have to give this investment some serious considerations.

You need to have a high tolerance for risk and understand that you might experience some loss sometimes and at other times you may also get substantial gain.

Gold Mutual Funds

Gold mutual funds are another great form of investment. A gold mutual fund invests mostly in gold bullions or companies that produce gold. Be sure to review yearly fees and ask about rates, so that you don’t go into the investment blindly.

Gold Options and Futures

These are short term speculations of gold prices in the future. This is suitable if you’re a sophisticated or more seasoned investor. Buying options is risky as like most investments you are more likely to experience loss than gain.

This benefits you by giving you the chance to do a big investment using a limited amount of money. Gold options expire within a certain time period.

A Worthy Investment

Investing in gold is a worthy investment. It’s also a versatile process as there are different types of gold investments that you can make. It is best to think carefully and do thorough research before you start investing.

Since there are so many ways to invest you need to ensure that you do due diligence in order to select the option that is right for you. If you would like more investment tips, please visit the investment section of the website.