6 Niche Marketing Examples Worth Replicating at Your Own Business

Niche marketing is one of the most powerful tools any business can have. Many small businesses think they can’t compete with the juggernauts of their field, but niche marketing brings creativity in as a weapon of choice.

How does niche marketing work? What tactics show promise? Today we’ll go over 6 niche marketing examples and the brands that made them potent.

Let’s see what can make your business soar!

1. Finding a Small Audience

Catering to a small audience is niche marketing in a nutshell. Now a thriving business, Lefty’s is a great example of how to push a very niche market and dominate a new section of the market.

Lefty’s caters to left-handed supplies, which is only 10% of the population. This may seem small, but this section has almost no competition, meaning that 10% is potential customers for Lefty’s, which is huge.

2. Bucking the Usual Trends

The Middle Finger Project is a business advice and marketing firm. Their unique twist? Catering only to female business owners who look to buck the male-dominated market.

By acting as a counter-culture to a common market trend, you can carve a new path right into the unknown. This pioneer status can get you first stab at anyone eager for a new angle in your market.

3. Tracking a Unique Problem

Sometimes a problem gets overlooked and taking advantage of it can help you find a niche that fits. Bonobos did that exact thing with men’s pants.

Finding a problem with no current solution is a great place for business! This can often come from personal struggles, which can put an extra layer of passion to the project.

4. Shifting Market Trends

Whole Foods is now a household name, but it wasn’t always this way. They saw a burgeoning trend for healthy and organic food and planted their flag before anyone else.

They pushed this unique valley with creative content and a real understanding of the untapped market. Many followed, but few saw the future like Whole Foods.

5. Using Tech to Get Ahead – Square

Square founded its business on a lack of a specific technology. Many small entrepreneurs had no strong way to receive payments, so Square made a smartphone attachment that could take credit cards.

This technology became a huge boon, showcasing that innovating technology within underserved markets is huge!

6. Feeding Niches With PPC Campaigns

All of these niche market trends contain great tactics on how to find a new way to focus on marketing. What do they do when they get to work and start marketing?

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are a huge part of marketing. They are the digital equivalent of a billboard, taking up space and directing to a specific website when clicked. How does niche marketing use this to their advantage? By exploiting keywords for a niche!

If you are an HVAC company, you want to hyper-focus your adds to come up for specific items, like people in need of a new heating system or common air conditioning maintenance.

Any business can learn from this example, so learn more about optimizing hvac ppc campaigns for success!

Exploring Niche Marketing Examples and More

These niche marketing examples are a strong show of what a little creativity and marketing can do! All of these businesses have found success in pursuing unknown options.

To find your own niche market and unique business paths, you need to keep up on the world of business and finance. Check out our other articles on the subjects today!