A Guide to the 6 Types of Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings to Know

When you’re renovating your commercial building, it can be overwhelming to work out all the details, especially flooring.

If you have thought about installing epoxy flooring, then you know there are many to choose from. Industrial epoxy floor coatings have multiple uses and purposes.

Keep reading to learn about the best type of epoxy floor coatings for your commercial facility

1. Cementitious Urethane Mortar

Because cementitious urethane flooring is an antimicrobial USDA approved material, it’s best installed in commercial kitchens and other food and beverage facilities. This type of epoxy is also versatile and strong, which explains why it can adapt to industrial settings.

Thanks to the industrial floor coating, this urethane epoxy flooring is one of the favorites of commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities.

2. Epoxy Concrete Flooring

Epoxy concrete is one of the most used materials when it comes to industrial flooring. Epoxy concrete is a resin that serves as a protective coating.

By using this coating, you can preserve the flooring and prevent wear and tear.

3. MMA Acrylic Flooring

MMA acrylic flooring stands for methyl methacrylate, and it’s an industrial coating for epoxy floorings.

MMA is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-maintenance floor. Since this coating is versatile and durable, it’s great for institutional, commercial, and industrial flooring.

Those who install MMA acrylic flooring are also looking to save time cleaning their industrial floors.

4. Thin-Film Urethane Flooring

When you need flooring that will resist abrasions, chemicals, and stains, thin-film urethane epoxy floorings are the answer. This type of epoxy flooring acts as a topcoat that offers high-performance protection.

Thin-film urethane flooring is great for industrial facilities that deal with a lot of different chemicals. It acts as a topcoat that prevents harsh chemicals and solvents from penetrating and ruining the floor.

This is a great choice of flooring for those who want high-performance flooring, but also want to preserve the aesthetics of the floor. Urethane floor comes in solid colors and also as clear finish coats.

5. Polyaspartic Flooring

If you cannot afford to close your facility and need your new floors up and running within a few hours, polyaspartic flooring is the best choice. This type of epoxy flooring coat is fast to install and dries right away.

Aside from drying fast, polyaspartic flooring is low-odor and resistant to both chemicals and abrasions.

6. Mortar Epoxy Flooring

Mortar epoxy flooring is one of the strongest of all the epoxy coats, which makes it a great solution for industrial spaces.

Aside from protecting the floor from harsh solvents, chemicals, and scratches, this material also repairs existing cracks.

Common Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Now that you know about the most common types of industrial epoxy floor coatings, you can choose the right ones for your space.

The most common types of flooring include mortar epoxy, polyaspartic flooring, thin-film urethane flooring, MMA acrylic flooring, and cementitious urethane mortar flooring.

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