A Simple Guide to Buying a Private Jet

There are a few bucket list items that just about anyone can appreciate. Owning a private jet is a dream of many, and one that most people also don’t feel like they can achieve.

Contrary to popular belief, you can purchase a private jet on your own terms as long as you know what you’re looking for, get your finances in order, and find the right company to sell it to you. What tips should you keep in mind?

Buying a private jet is possible when you follow the tips below.

Break Down Your Lifestyle and Why You Want a Private Jet

The first step you need to handle is to honestly assess why you want a private jet. Private jets let you skip airport lines and baggage claim, get you to destinations much faster and help you make better use of your time.

However, owning a private jet is a huge responsibility and one that you should never jump into without a thorough examination. Consider your lifestyle and interests so you know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Research the Best Private Jet Options on the Market

Once you know that you’re all in on purchasing a private jet, it’s time to start shopping around. When you find the best private jet options, it lets you know what features, speeds and engine types are available.

Look into consumer reviews and research the best plane manufacturers until you can put together a shortlist of your top options.

Talk to Some Dealers About the Aircraft They Sell

Schedule a visit with some private jet dealers to view the aircraft in person. By talking to dealers and researching the many different private jet options on the market, you will have a better opportunity to come up with a price range, figuring out where you can house the plane and a host of other details.

If you’re buying the jet new, expect to pay somewhere between $3 million and $90 million. Your private aircraft dealer can provide you with in-house financing, or you can explore your own outside options.

Consider the Maintenance and Operating Costs

Your work has just begun after the ink is dry on your new airplane purchase. In fact, aircraft up-keep is arguably the most expensive part.

To make this easier, consider contracting with a company that can provide your aircraft storage, maintenance, and repairs all under one roof. You’ll need to also look into the operating costs that come with the plane, including booking a pilot, filling the tank with gas, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) fees, and more.

When you know how much it really costs to own an aircraft, you’ll be able to make the wisest decision for your life.

Buying a Private Jet on Your Terms

Buying a private jet doesn’t have to be an ordeal as long as you go about it in the right way. Let the points above get you started in the right direction — skyward!

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