Sarah Palin: “We Abolished Slavery And Got Obama; What’s Next If We Change The Immigration Law – A Latin President?”

Wasilla, Alaska – Sarah Palin, arguably one of the most beautiful Republicans ever and the former Governor or Alaska, seems to be on a war path with President Obama.

One might be under the impression that there’s nothing strange about that, considering the fact that the Republicans are generally interested in the Democrats as much as they are in some third world country.

On the other hand, when they’re faced with a situation in which the current president is a Democrat, everybody knows that the GOP loves to sharpen its claws on the current White House occupant.

When it comes to Sarah Palin as a Republican, the fact that the woman has had her share of scandals and incredibly ingenious statements on a wide array of topics just goes to show that she loves being under the spotlight. However, her latest bombshell pertaining to the President of the United States has really ticked off millions of Americans (as well as those who feel that way).

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Namely, in a recent interview with Newslo in her home in Wasilla, Alaska, Mrs. Palin expressed her anger regarding the current issue with the immigration law in a somewhat unexpected way: “I’m all for racial equality and I’ve never had a problem with anyone of another skin color. But, think about this for a second: slavery was abolished in America by 1865; a century and a half later, the US has an African-American president. Has anyone thought about what’s going to happen in today’s insanely fast-living world if we allow millions of Mexicans and other immigrants to grab a piece of the American dream?!”

Infuriated, she continued: “it boggles my mind how no one is thinking about the future consequences of our actions in the present! Are we seriously going to allow our children and grandchildren to be in a position where they’re expected to vote for a Hispanic president?! In the middle of the United States?! Seriously?! Former President Woodrow Wilson would be turning in his grave if that was to happen!”

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