Obama Sends Additional Troops To Iraq: “We Have To Clean Up George W.’s Mess”

“Washington, D.C. – President Obama’s latest decision to send a maximum of 1,500 additional US military personnel to Iraq has echoed throughout Capitol Hill significantly. Iraqi forces, who are fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s militants, have cried out for US help on several occasions, and it would appear that their pleads have not fallen onto deaf ears in Washington, after all.

“At present, the number of US troops located in Iraq is around 1,400. Also, President Obama has requested an additional $5.6 billion for the war against ISIS, part of which will be used to cover the additional employments.
“Although the White House has repeatedly stressed that “US personnel will not be in combat, but rather assisting, advising and training Iraqi forces near Irbil and Baghdad”, the latest decision of the US President leads to a further deepening of US involvement in the region.

“It is very important to stress out that the United States have never turned its back on a friend in need, and we don’t plan on starting now”, Obama said in an exclusive interview with Newslo. “You know, people think that I’m not aware of what’s being said about me every day. It’s ok, I accept being the scape goat when it comes to the frustrations of the American people; that’s partly why I’m the President. But, what I won’t stand for is being accused of something I’m not responsible of”, the President added.

“Who was it that made the decision to invade Iraq in the first place and, consequentially, led to the foundation of ISIS? That’s right – my predecessor. I’m not pointing fingers or trying to deny responsibility, but the people need to know that I didn’t make the mess I was given. If they’re looking to blame anyone for the current situation and the fact that we need to send more of our men and women into war, than they should be looking at George W., not me”, Obama defiantly finished.