AL Governor’s Bill Aims To “Restrict The Recording Of Sex Tapes To Only Married Couples”

The Republican governor of Alabama is no longer a member of his church, where he was once a deacon, after admitting to inappropriate sexual conversations with a top staffer. Gov. Robert Bentley and his top advisor, Rebekah Mason, both attended First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa for years. But they have apparently been expelled after the release of an audio recording in which Bentley makes sexually explicit comments to Mason.

It would seem that Gov. Bentley has learned from his mistakes. Namely, sources reveal that he is preparing a bill that would prohibit the recording of all types of sexually explicit material for couples and individuals who are not legally married. Those caught doing so would be fined, and the explicit material they produced would be seized and destroyed. Essentially, that would mean that only couples who are married would have the option of producing sexual content in the form of conversations, pictures and videos.

“A man’s sins are between him and God,” Gov. Bentley commented during an interview with The Tuscaloosa News. “No one else should be privy to that conversation. The Bible says that all things are permitted in marriage. However, many of our folk have forgotten that. We have youth today that engage in all sorts of explicit behavior and they don’t care about the consequences. I too have transgressed, but that does not mean I should be crucified. I have seen the error of my ways, and am taking steps to rectify my wrong. I am working on a bill that will ensure that my mistake is not repeated by anyone else ever again.”

Bentley also said, “In the future, if two unmarried people are sinners and they engage in a sexual relationship, neither they nor anyone else will be allowed to document their transgressions. No evidence of those sins must exist, because they must not share their hardships with other people. They will have to pray to the Lord to forgive their sins, and they must never share their wrongdoings with other people. I have made that mistake and am paying the price for it. Learn from me. That’s why my bill will protect people who are married and wish to enjoy all the fruits such a glorious unity bears. In other words: if you’re doing it, don’t record it. It’ll backfire.”

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