Al Rep.’s Bill To “Ban Voting Rights From Citizens Who Won’t Participate In National Day Of Prayer”

A resolution in the Alabama House of Representatives to recognize May 5 as the National Day of Prayer provides an apocalyptic view of the current world. The symbolic legislation, introduced Wednesday by Republican state Rep. Mack Butler, starts off with the typical Day of Prayer language, but quickly descends into gloom and doom. The resolution warns that America has “turned from her values” and no longer protects the “unborn.” It claims the United States is sitting idly by while the world falls into chaos and Christians face genocide overseas.

“The generations of today have no understanding what it means to be an American, at least not how our fathers and grandfathers did,” Butler told media outlets on Thursday. “Not only have we forgotten the importance of God and church, but we have gone so far astray that we are openly acknowledging diseases and deviances such as same-sex relationships and marriage. And one of the main justifications of such behavior is the claim that religious discrimination is not fair to non-Christian Americans. As if not being Christian somehow affects the rest of the country. Well, that’s a lie. America is a predominantly Christian nation, so everybody needs to get used to it.”

He continued, “The National Day of Prayer is the perfect example of that. We have today millions of ‘Americans’ who refuse to participate in it under the excuse that they’re not religious, that they don’t believe in God, that they’re being oppressed by it somehow, and that the country doesn’t have the right to force something like it onto them. They claim that it hinders civil liberties. Well, let me tell you something. This day was established back in the 1950s by our predecessors who knew exactly what they were doing. So, there are no excuses when it comes to this small token of appreciation of our national identity.”

“Therefore,” Butler added, “my resolution aims to ensure the complete participation in the National Day of Prayer as a sign of respect for our great country and our even greater forefathers. And it is so important to get back on track with this that anyone who refuses to pray at least once during the holiday is going to be banned from voting in the presidential election in November. Because, being an American is a great power that comes with great responsibility. And that responsibility ensures we are all able to choose our leaders. In other words, being an American can’t be done half-way. You’re either 100% in, or a 100% out. And if you’re in, it means you must adhere to every single traditional, conservative rule that made this country great, starting with paying your taxes. Can’t mess with taxes. Ever.”

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