Albert Mohler: “Christians Should Boycott The Weddings Of Birth-Control-Users’ Family Members”

Albert Mohler’s most recent book, “We Cannot Be Silent,” got a lot of attention for the Southern Baptist leader’s argument that Christians should boycott gay family members’ weddings. But that was just part of Mohler’s thesis, which he started with a history of “the breakdown of marriage as an institution.” In an interview with the “Christian Worldview” radio program recently, Mohler went over this argument again, chastising Christians for failing to realize that the “moral revolution” that led to marriage equality started with birth control.

Mohler also argued that not only should Christians boycott the weddings of gay family members, but that they should also boycott the weddings of birth control users and their family members, because “birth control is one of the modern plagues of the American society,” adding that “it ranks right up there with cancer, homosexuals and Justin Bieber.”

“You know, a lot of people will come and ask me, ‘Why should we act in such a way, is it not Christian to forgive?’” Mohler said. “And that’s when I slightly doubt myself, because that person has a good point. However, after I think about it, I soon realize that if all of us simply start forgiving and accepting that it was birth control that led to the separation of sex and procreation, which many are already doing, make no mistake, then what are we condemning our society to? Are we to allow our children to enjoy having sex just for the pleasure? Show me a passage in the Bible that says that and I’ll show you an idiot.”

He continued: “So, yes, Christians ought to also boycott both birth control users’ weddings, as well as the weddings of their family members, out of protest. The moment we start condoning their behavior, they’ll find something else to ruin or desecrate. And I have also heard that Justin Bieber has been making a lot of money performing at such weddings. Now, I am no expert when it comes to music, but as Mr. Bieber is likely the result of a failed attempt at birth control, I do believe there is a conflict of interest there.”

“And that’s another thing – do you really think Mr. Bieber is not using birth control? I’ll bet he has an entire room filled with thousands of birth control prescriptions for emergency cases,” Mohler fumed. “And is that the kind of person you want your child, a soldier of Christ, to look up to? Is that the role model you want for your kids? I don’t think so. So, not only should we boycott their weddings, Christians should also boycott Justin Bieber.”

“You know,” he added, “one kind of sexual misbehavior leads to the rationalization of another, and thus we couldn’t have the Obergefell decision that came this June, we couldn’t have the legalization of same-sex marriage, if there hadn’t been a lot of sexual revolution before we got there.”