Alice Stewart: “Christian Kids Didn’t Use Bathrooms At All Last Year; Thank God For Donald Trump”

Bakari Sellers challenged a Republican strategist to name one example of a transgender student posing a threat to classmates in a school restroom – but she admitted she couldn’t think of any. Alice Stewart, a CNN contributor and former communications director for Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, appeared Thursday morning on “CNN Newsroom,” where she defended President Donald Trump’s reversal of his predecessor’s guidelines to public schools allowing transgender students to use the restroom of their choice. “This helps parents protect their children and, look, since those comments that Donald Trump said early on the campaign, he has been quite clear that his view on this is to make it a state’s right issue, which is what this decision has become,” Stewart said.

When Sellers asked her to elaborate on how she could possibly justify Trump’s reversal of Obama’s guidelines, she went on a rant, citing that the U.S. had “a near miss” with what she claimed to be a potential constipation epidemic. “Did you know that a huge number of kids that come from traditional Christian families didn’t use school restrooms at all during last year? I bet you weren’t aware of that. And it’s true – millions of children all across America either weren’t allowed by their parents or flat out refused to go to the same bathrooms as transgender kids out of fear during the last year of Obama’s second term. And you’re trying to tell me that the reversal of such perverted guidelines is a bad thing?” she backfired.

Stewart continued, “Let me ask you this, Bakari. It might not be the most appropriate question in the world, but humor me. Do you know what happens when you have the urge to do a number 1 or number 2, and you decide to hold it in? Has something like that ever happened to you? Do you have any idea how harmful that can be to a person’s internal organs and general health? Because, that’s what millions of children have been going through on a daily basis since former President Obama brought fourth the guidelines. In a sense, he has single-handedly endangered the lives of American children because he was trying to win more political points and further corrupt our society by making it implode from within.”

“As a matter of fact, not only am I glad to see Donald Trump making these kinds of changes – I support him to the fullest extent. If God hadn’t sent him to us, right about now we’d be smack in the middle of a nationwide constipation epidemic among school kids. Luckily, because of the fact that the idiotic guidelines are no longer in play, we don’t have to worry about our children having to hold it in while they’re in school. They can poop freely, knowing that transgender children don’t have the right to bother them anymore, which, by the way, is how God intended things to work in the first place. Therefore, Donald Trump has officially become the Poop Liberator. Because, there’s nothing like being interrupted during such a delicate process; it requires a lot of concentration, as I’m sure everybody knows,” the CNN contributor concluded.