All the World’s a Stage: An Interview with Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a radio talk show host, author, documentary filmmaker and the founder of In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, Jones theorized that the attacks were carried out by the United States government—an integral part of the “New World Order,” according to Jones—in a “false flag” operation meant to generate fear of terrorism and justify increased TSA involvement in public sporting events. Jones also believes that many other world events have been “staged” on behalf of the New World Order. Newslo recently sat down with him to discuss his theories concerning current events.

Newslo: Mr. Jones, you believe the United States federal government bombed the Boston Marathon and framed the Tsarnaev brothers. What other historical events do you think were staged?

Alex Jones: Well, 9/11, obviously. Also the Oklahoma City bombing, Sandy Hook, and the “Moon landings.”

NM: What about the 1996 bombing of the Atlanta Olympics?

AJ: Staged.

NM: Pearl Harbor?

AJ: Staged.

NM: The 2012 Super Bowl?

AJ: Staged, clearly.

NM: Barack Obama’s election?

AJ: Staged.

NM: The murder of Tupac Shakur?

AJ: Who’s Tupac Shakur? His murder was definitely staged.

NM: Hurricane Sandy?

AJ: Not sure how they did it yet, but yes, staged.

NM: Kate Middleton’s pregnancy?

AJ: Staged. Prince William is a eunuch, actually.

NM: This interview?

AJ: Staged.

NM: Thank you for your time.

AJ: Time is staged, but you’re welcome.