Amazon Advantages: 9 Big Benefits of Having Amazon Prime

More than 100 million people have access to all of the benefits of Amazon Prime.

If you aren’t one of those 100 million people, you may be wondering what the big deal is. If you are one of those people, maybe you’re not taking full advantage of all that Amazon Prime has to offer.

Wondering what Amazon advantages are available for you? Know these 5 big benefits of having Amazon Prime.

1. Delivery

One of the biggest benefits of Amazon Prime is the free and fast delivery options they offer.

Prime members can qualify for free same-day delivery on all kinds or orders as long as they order a minimum of $35. There is also one and two-hour delivery in some select cities on all kinds of items.

Amazon Prime also offers different options. One of their most popular ones is the FREE two-day delivery.

They also have free one-day delivery on more than 10 million items, and there is no minimum purchase required.

If you are sick of going to the grocery store, you can also get those delivered with Amazon Prime. With Amazon Ultrafast Grocery Delivery, you can get two-hour delivery on groceries and fresh food and fruits.

If you don’t need your purchased item right away, you can also opt for their No-Rush shipping option. If you choose this option, you could also earn rewards toward your future purchases.

2. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card

Amazon Prime also offers the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Credit card.

When you use this card, you can get 5% of your purchases back when you buy from Whole Foods or Amazon. If you don’t have a Prime membership, you can still get this card, but you’ll only get 3% back.

In addition to those rewards, you’ll get 2% back at restaurants, drugstores, and gas stations. On anything else, you’ll earn 1% back.

There is no annual fee for this card, and if you travel with it, there are no foreign transaction fees.

There is also a reward bonus when you sign up for this card. It normally comes in the form of an Amazon gift card or credit.

3. Whole Foods Discount

If you shop at Whole Foods, Amazon Prime will also give you access to great discounts.

Amazon bought the chain in 2017, and if you are shopping in the store, you can look for items that are marked with the word Prime.

All you’ll have to do then is open your Amazon app and show the QR code on their at checkout. You can also use your Amazon card here to get cashback on your purchases.

4. Amazon Dash Buttons

If you frequently buy the same items over and over at Amazon, you can now buy it with the click of one button.

When Amazon first started out, they sold actual buttons you could press to reorder. Now, these buttons are virtual, and you can access them on your computer, phone, or even your Echo Show.

The functionality is about the same. One tap of the button will automatically reorder a specific product.

You’ll also know that the products you order should be of good quality because there are Amazon brand protection services out there to protect you and the seller.

5. Amazon Prime Music

If you aren’t interested in Spotify or Apple music, you can enjoy all kinds of music for free with Amazon Prime music.

You’ll have unlimited, ad-free music available to you. They have over 2 million tracks that you can stream from various devices.

While you can’t download the music for offline listening, you will be able to stream them as long as you have data or Wi-Fi.

In addition to this, Amazon also offers Amazon Music Unlimited. This does not come with Prime, but you can pay extra for it in order to boost your music library.

6. Video Streaming

If you want to watch TV or movies, Amazon Prime also offers a wide range of free selections. In addition to that, they also have their own original TV shows, like Jack Ryan, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Carnival Row.

If they don’t have the movie or TV show you want to watch, you can also rent it for a cheap price.

7. Free E-books

If you’re more of a reader than a movie-watcher, you can also get free E-books.

The Kindle Owner’s lending library will let you borrow a free book a month. You don’t even need an actual Kindle to read this book. You can read it on your phone or anywhere else that you download the app.

8. Unlimited Photo Storage

If you are running out of room for your photos, you may need some external storage.

Like Google, Amazon offers a place for you to store those photos. You’ll have unlimited cloud storage for all your photos and videos.

You can download the Amazon Drive app to store all your photos and then archive

9. Membership Sharing

If you share a household with another adult, you could split the cost of a year of Amazon Prime and still both enjoy the benefits.

Amazon Prime Household lets up to four teens create their own profiles for streaming and shopping so that no one is stepping on anyone’s toes.

Learn More About the Amazon Advantages

These are only a few of the Amazon advantages that you will get when you have Prime.

Yes, it is $119 a year, but all of these benefits help make up for it.

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