Andrea Tantaros: “Women Should Always Make Their Man A Sandwich After Sex, Not Behave Like Hillary”

“Fox News host Andrea Tantaros advised women on Thursday that they should always be ready to give their man a sandwich after sex and a beer after his shower if they wanted the relationship to last. Earlier this week, Glamour magazine retracted a column of tips for making men falling in love after women complained that the list was misogynistic. Tantaros, however, said that ideas like making a man a snack after sex was not taking women back to the 1950s.

““Look at this, it has great suggestions in here!” she exclaimed. “After you engage in a little horizontal hula, make him a sandwich. That’s not called 1950s. That’s called kindness. And frankly, I think women should do a little more of that.” Tantaros asked: “What’s wrong with giving your man a brewski when he comes out of the shower?” Then, comedian Ryan Reiss chimed in: “Who needs a brewski out of the shower? What are you dating Don Draper? What’s going on? I’ve never gotten out of the shower and been like, ‘I need to get drunk quick.’”

However, Tantaros insisted that “the right woman always does her best to please her man, whether it’s between the sheets, in the kitchen or in public.”

“You know, it’s like women have forgotten how to take care of their men,” she opined. “They just don’t know how to do it anymore. That’s probably why divorce rates are so high. I mean, men need maintenance and they need us to do it. Sure, it works both ways, but they’re just so much more fragile than us. And if they don’t get what they need, they’ll look for it somewhere else. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about an average Joe or the President of the United States. Bill Clinton is the perfect example.”

Asked if she was referring to former President Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinski, Tantaros said: “Well, yeah, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Bill needed some TLC and he obviously wasn’t getting it from Hillary. I’m not surprised, to be honest, Hillary has always been frigid, all caught up in her work. Every man needs a capable woman and Bill was no different – he just decided to search elsewhere for her. If I were him, I’d probably do the same.”

Tantaros also added: “Although, when it comes to Michelle Obama, that’s another story. If I were her husband, I’d be careful about who I mess around with, even though I’m the most powerful man on the planet. I wouldn’t want Michelle breathing down my neck.”