Ann Coulter: “12% Of Our Population Are African Refugees, We Can’t Accept More”

Back on September 14, Ann Coulter spoke with Sean Hannity on his radio show. On that show – months before the Paris attack proved her right – Coulter warned the GOP that they needed to take a harsh stand against refugees because they harbored ISIS terrorists and America needs to “take care of our own people first.”

“Trump is right, we are led by stupid, stupid people, and there’s the usual half measure thought up by Republicans, ‘well we can’t be completely against refugees,’ no, be completely against refugees, we don’t want them,” Coulter said. She added, “Needless to say, the mealy-mouthed, mid-way position of most Republicans is, ‘we’ll only take the Christians.’ Um, no, no we don’t want the Christians – alleged Christians – for one thing, we have to take care of our own people first.”

Coulter recently told media outlets that “when a country has imported as many refugees as America has, the imminent next step is going to be to try to sway the entire country politically to please the new majority, which in this particular case happen to be Muslims.”

“No, seriously, I think if you were to look back at the history of America and put all those numbers together, we literally started off as a country of exiles and criminals. I’m saying this out loud because I don’t want to pretend that’s not true. The worst scum of Europe and Africa settled here 200-something years ago and we haven’t stopped taking in people ever since. But here’s the thing – these refugees now are all Muslim and we can’t have that. I wasn’t born in a Muslim country and I sure as hell don’t plan on dying in one, either,” the sharp-tongued author stated.

She also added: “Besides, statistically speaking, African refugees today, at this time, comprise some 12% of America’s population. So you see, even if we somehow wanted to take in all those Muslims, which we don’t, we simply wouldn’t know what to do with them. Plus, you’ve got Mexican illegal immigrants all over the place. So, you see, I’m afraid we’re going to say thanks, but no thanks. Find someone else’s country to wreak havoc in.”

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