Ann Coulter: “Hillary’s Dangerous Ideas Derive From The Fact That She’s Third-Generation Immigrant”

During the September 20 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Sean Hannity Show, Ann Coulter attacked “second-generation immigrant Nikki Haley” for taking down a Confederate flag in South Carolina. The conversation started off with Hannity asking Coulter if she saw Obama speaking to the UN and “talking down” America 11 times. Coulter said she had, adding, “…it is the official position of the Democratic Party that America is better the more Americans we replace with foreigners. And as I point out in the book, it’s exactly the opposite of truth.”

The conservative author didn’t miss the opportunity to also mention Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whom she referred to as a “third-generation immigrant” and added that it’s the reason why the former secretary of state has been having a lot of dangerous ideas lately. “Sometimes I think that the Democrats aren’t really Americans, but that they too were imported from somewhere else. Then I stop and think and I remember that I know some of them personally and they are normal people. So, it must be just Hillary and Obama, then,” Coulter said.

She added, “A lot of people, myself included, have attempted to delve into the mind of the average Democrat to figure out what it is that makes them so anti-American, in lack of a better term. Understandably, we all failed but I’ll bet it has a lot to do with their upbringing and origins. As you know, most Democrats’ ancestors came from somewhere else, meaning Europe. Therefore, many of them sometimes have trouble understanding what it means to be American – something Republicans have never had a problem with, I might add. And the situation is worse the shorter the time they’ve spent identifying as Americans.”

“What that means in the case of Hillary Clinton is that a lot of her dangerous ideas derive from the fact that she’s only third-generation immigrant, meaning her grandfather came to America from God only knows where,” Coulter continued. “And because she was raised with that mentality, with the notion that immigrants should always be the heart and soul of this country, she today believes the same thing, which gives birth to her liberal point of view on all things non-American. And that’s especially dangerous today, with the current political situation in the world being what it is.”

The pundit also said, “That holds true for most Democrats, but it seems it’s especially so for her and Obama. Kennedy also had a similar point of view, but fortunately for this country, we all know how that ended. Now, Hillary Clinton does not understand what it takes to be an American today, just like she apparently doesn’t understand how to work a computer and then cover her tracks afterwards,” Coulter joked, causing Hannity to laugh. “But at the end of the day, her la-di-da approach to foreign policy and the presidency would send an invitation to terrorists and immigrants from the world over to come here and make America their b*tch.”