Ann Coulter: “More Americans Are Killed By Mexicans Than The Cops”

“Ann Coulter reacted on “Hannity” several days ago to the news that an illegal immigrant has been charged with murdering a San Francisco woman. According to Fox News, Francisco Sanchez, 45, was arraigned on Tuesday in the killing of Kate Steinle. Sanchez, a repeat drug offender who was deported from the U.S. five times, was released from jail on April 15. At the time, law enforcement officials declined to prosecute him.

“Coulter also brought up another case in Texas, where an illegal immigrant who was deported four times murdered his wife with a hammer. “The government is allowing people who have no right to be here into our country, whether legally or illegally,” Coulter stated. “What’s striking about the San Francisco story is that it happened in a place liberals might go.”

“Coulter also noted that violence by immigrants remains a bigger threat than an attack by ISIS. “We’ve all been warned all week: ‘Watch out for ISIS. Watch out for ISIS this weekend.’ And no, instead, Americans were killed by immigrants,” said Coulter and added, “but that’s not even the half of it. To me, ISIS is always a realistic threat. But to have Mexicans kill more Americans in America than the police, that’s just plain wrong.”

She continued: “Don’t get me wrong, I fully support law enforcement officers of all ranks and positions. But there’s only so much the police can do to help rehabilitate and re-include criminals into society. When that fails, and it does in most cases, the only remaining option is taking those criminals out. And therein lies the catch.”

“Criminals in America may be on the wrong side of the law, but they’re still Americans,” Coulter opined. “When they’re gunned down by police for breaking the law, it’s tragic, but exemplary. On the other hands, today we have a situation where illegal immigrants, and that mostly means Mexicans, are killing innocent American citizens. Let me say that again – Americans today are being killed in greater numbers by Mexicans than by American police forces. I don’t think that’s a fact we should be proud of, at all.”

“Coulter concluded by saying that politicians, like Chris Christie, continue to claim that a fence will not solve the border security problem. “It’s like saying buckets don’t work, of course fences work,” she said. “Americans aren’t stupid, why doesn’t Chris Christie say that to Israel or China because their fences work just fine,” Coulter added. “And, you know, why don’t we just try a fence?”

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