Ann LePage Takes Up Waitressing Job After Husband Cuts Her Allowance “Because Of Her Behavior”

The wife of Maine’s governor has taken a summertime job as a waitress at a dockside restaurant catering to tourists to supplement the couple’s income. The Maine governor’s salary is the lowest in the United States at $70,000 a year and Maine’s first lady Ann LePage said she is working at a seafood restaurant in Boothbay Harbor to “put aside a little cash to buy a car.”

However, despite the initial reactions to the news, which have varied from surprise followed by approval to disgust and disbelief, it would appear that there is more to the story than meets the eye. A source close to Maine’s first couple told the Huffington Post that LePage’s wife was actually “forced to find a job” after her husband “punished her by cancelling her daily allowance.”

Apparently, the governor is as dominant at home as he is on the job, which doesn’t come as a surprise at all. “I don’t really know what the reason for such an action was, but I overheard them arguing the other day when I was visiting their home with a bunch of friends,” the source said. “He kept raising his tone when talking to her in the kitchen, and although he was obviously trying to control himself and speak more quietly, he kept referring to ‘her recent behavior’ and how he wouldn’t have it any longer.”

Speaking to the cashiers at a nearby supermarket close to the first couple’s home, however, it was determined that Mrs. LePage has a weakness for “all things sugar, particularly Mars bars and certain types of expensive bottled water, including Mountain Dew.” This makes a lot of sense, seeing how Gov. LePage has been warning the Obama administration that he will move to ban food stamp recipients in his state from buying sugary sweets with taxpayer money.

Indeed, there is plenty wrong with the picture of Maine Governor’s wife blowing a significant portion of the house budget on Mars bars and Mountain Dew when her husband is ramping up a battle over the same products, with the addition of the fact that the couple’s house budget itself is already struggling. “It’s kinda hypocritical,” the cashiers added.

The citizens of Maine agree with their governor’s decision. “I think he’s right,” John Meyer, 36, told The Huffington Post. “He obviously knows what he’s doing and he’s completely right to put a stop to his wife’s spending frenzy. It sets a bad example.” Sabrina Gomez, 27, agrees: “As a woman, at first I wasn’t comfortable having heard that he punished his wife by denying her money. But then, I realized that he was right to do it, and he was right to make her get a job so she could learn to appreciate money more.”

Even Democratic Maine House Speaker and Hillary Clinton supporter Mark Eves approves the fact that his rival put his foot down. “Too long have men allowed themselves to be vaginally manipulated by their women. Today is the day for peace and support among rival men. #BroPower,” Eves tweeted almost as soon as news broke. “If there’s one thing that can unite even the worst of enemies, it’s women and shopping,” he concluded.

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