Anne Graham Lotz: “God Sabotaged Trump’s Poll Numbers Because He’d Like Us To Pray”

Terror attacks such as 9/11 and the mass shooting in San Bernardino were allowed by God because of the gay rights movement and the acceptance of evolution, evangelist Anne Graham Lotz said. “Our nation seems to be shaking its fist in God’s face and telling him to get out of our politics, get out of our schools, get out of our businesses, get out of our marketplace, get off the streets,” Lotz told conservative radio host Steve Deace, according to audio posted online by Right Wing Watch. “It’s just stunning to me the way we are basically abandoning God as a culture and as a nation.”

Lotz also told Deace that this is “not the first time” God has interfered with the affairs of men in order to prove to them that they are not the ones calling all the shots, especially “not without consequences.” “Take 9/11, for example. That gruesome terrorist act resulted in tragic deaths of loved ones from across America and the world, not to mention causing billions in material damage. Yet, on the other hand, I don’t recall a time when we as a nation have been more brought together, when we were more unified. I remember that we prayed every night that such an attack never happens again, and it didn’t. In a sense, despite being one of the worst times to be American, it was at the same time one of the best, as well.”

“And now we’re seeing the exact same thing again,” the evangelist continued. “If you take a look at what’s going on in American politics today, you’ll see that the American people are basically stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, you have Hillary Clinton, who I’m not even going to talk about right now. On the other, you’ve got the man who has the power to change things, but his poll numbers a plummeting. I don’t know about you, but to me that looks almost as bad as 9/11, and that’s saying something.” She added, “Depending on how you look at it, it might very well be that Donald Trump stands to lose the presidency. That’ll be the beginning of Sodom and Gomorrah right there if that happens.”

Lotz then went on to argue how the Republican presidential nominee’s poll results, which show Hillary Clinton in the lead, are actually “a sign from God.” “The Lord has sent his servant Donald Trump to deliver us from harm, there is no denying that,” the evangelist sounded like a preacher. “But, because of our sinful ways, we have failed to show him the support God wanted us to. That is why the Lord has sabotaged Donald Trump’s poll numbers. He did it to show us that once again we need to unite and stand together and act as a single organism to defend the future of our great country. We must pray as we did during the aftermath of 9/11, pray that Hillary Clinton fails and also vote for Donald Trump in November.”

“Because, make no mistake, we are witnessing history here,” Lotz told Deace. “There have been few times in history where God’s intervention has been this obvious and, therefore, significant. If we fail to act right away, we will face a fate worse than anything we could imagine. It is essential, it is vital that we support Donald Trump and help get his ratings up. Only then will God be happy and only then will he grant us the future we deserve. Someone once said that only the universe and human stupidity are infinite; I also think a Donald Trump presidency could and should be in that category. Not because he deserves to be president forever, but because we need him to,” Lotz concluded.

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