Apple Users Google ‘Bing’ to Make Sense of Company’s New Default Search Engine

NEW YORK – With the announcement that Apple will be not be using Google as the default search feature in their upcoming products, many users are confused and angry. Apple will instead be partnering with Microsoft to use something called “Bing,” which appears to be some kind of second-rate Google knockoff.

Over the past few years, Apple had relied on Google for its built-in search features. Recently, however, Google’s diversification has led to direct competition with certain Apple products. Despite this, Google’s search algorithm is widely considered the industry standard and was still the default in Apple devices until now.

The change from Google to Bing has understandably upset a large number of users, many of which began looking up “Bing” via a Google search to see what it actually is.

“Turns out it’s actually a different search algorithm, go figure,” said Chaz Greene, a bartender in Brooklyn.

“You would have never guessed that it’s a semi-functional search engine,” added Cherie Jones, a lawyer in Manhattan. “I tried looking up recipes for crab cakes and it took me to some forum for modifying Honda Civics. It’s just not very good.”

Bing, a search engine created by Microsoft, has made minimal gains in market share since its launch in 2011. As of right now, Google leads with nearly 70 percent of the global market in search, with Bing and Yahoo fighting for third place behind Baidu, a Chinese search engine.

“I’ll probably try to figure out a way to get Google back on my phone,” said Mike Horowitz, a small business owner in the East Village. “Bing, or whatever it’s called is too confusing, plus they don’t have any doodles, which I really enjoy about Google.”