Arizona Lawyer Demands To Use An Ouija Board To “Let Justice Scalia Keep Voting From Heaven”

Anti-government attorney Kory Langhofer argued over the weekend that the Supreme Court could continue to decide cases 5-4 in favor of conservatives after the death of Antonin Scalia because the deceased justice could effectively cast votes from the grave. “We know exactly what he thought,” Langhofer continued. “And it’s not unprincipled to say we should give affect to that.”

However, the attorney also stated that an Ouija board could be used nonetheless when it comes to potential votes of the deceased justice, “not because there is any doubt about what he would say, but because there are plenty of those who still don’t believe what I’m saying.” According to Langhofer, the board would be there simply for the purposes of “confirming what I and a great number of other people already know about Scalia – that he would never vote against his conservative ideology.”

“Saying that Scalia would vote against his own personal beliefs is like claiming that President Obama wouldn’t love to be president for two more terms,” Langhofer said. “It’s just absurd. The man was a conservative all his life, and ultimately, it’s what enabled him to be appointed to the Supreme Court. But, I always say that it’s better to prove the other guy wrong than it is to be stubborn without solid arguments. So I say, let’s get an Ouija board and see what the late Justice Scalia has to say for himself.”

Langhofer added, “In fact, you know what? I’m going to demand that we get an Ouija board. I really think that we could debate the pros and cons of that forever, but let’s just cut to the chase and do it. I’m going to start a petition to apply the board to represent Justice Scalia’s vote in the next big case that appears before the Supreme Court, and we’ll see how he’ll vote. I bet Scalia is so angry up in heaven right now over everything that’s being said about him that we’re not even going to need the other justices to hold the arrow. He’s going to move it all on his own and he’s going to do it very fast. Cause that’s the kind of man he was.”

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