Austin Ruse Calls For Using Police Cameras To ‘Criminalize Sex For Unmarried Youth’

Austin Ruse of C-FAM, a group that works to push social conservative policy at the UN, emailed supporters recently to boast that his group and its allies had successfully removed reproductive rights language from a UN resolution on youth, which he called “a breathtaking achievement given the fact that the radical left at the UN hungers and thirsts to enslave young people to the sexual revolution.”

Ruse also noted a debate that took place recently over the inclusion of comprehensive sex education in a resolution on the rights of children. “Comprehensive sexuality education,” Ruse contended, “is a phrase created in the pits of hell by wicked individuals who wanted to undermine family and ultimately to destroy any institution that stands between the family and the state.”

Commenting on his supporter outreach, Ruse also mentioned several of his organization’s future plans on what he called “improving the overall state of youth in the present times,” saying that “many devious players on the political scene will stop at nothing to destroy the conservative tradition that represents the only way we can ensure our future,” adding, “and that includes targeting our children under the false pretenses that they’re offering them more freedom.”

“We have today a situation in which our children are being taught to curse, do as they please, have no moral compass and engage in unprotected sexual relations on a daily basis. This comes as a shock to me and my fellow social conservatives, and we will do everything in our power to stop that from happening in the future, even if it means going from young person to young person and talking to them 1 on 1,” Ruse argued.

He also added: “The first step that needs to be taken is preventing young people from engaging in unprotected intercourse, and the way to do that is to use police cameras to monitor what is going on in the streets of cities worldwide. A logical extension of that idea is to also use infrared cameras to observe young people behind closed doors, and react accordingly should the danger of a sexual intercourse arise between two teenagers. Once the rate of unprotected sex is brought down to a minimum, we’ll finally be able to take a breather and think about the next step.”

“I don’t know about jail time yet, I haven’t really thought about that, but there will definitely be some kind of punishment for attempting to have sex with a peer. What that punishment will be is too early to tell at this time. Let’s get the hard part over with first,” he concluded.