Austin Ruse Suggests ‘Making America Great Again’ By Banning Boys Masturbation And “Forcing Them To Make Babies Instead”

In a fundraising email sent on Friday, Austin Ruse of the Religious Right group C-Fam hyped his group’s work against LGBT and reproductive rights around the globe by declaring that the “sexual revolution” has a higher “body count” than “Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, all tyrants combined.” Not only do these “enemies” want to “undermine the morals of you, your family, your children, your grandchildren,” he writes, “rapacious westerners” are also going after the developing world with “smiles on their faces and poison in their pockets.”

Asked to comment on his hateful email, Ruse told Orlando-based KYXZ Radio that, unlike the liberal movement that’s trying to make this country “implode,” all he’s doing was “fighting the good fight by any means necessary.” “And at some point, especially when you’re both heavily outnumbered as well as outgunned, you just stop lying to yourself and admit that, for better or worse, the end does justify the means,” he said. “History is written by winners, not losers. And the fact that we are today able to recognize the fact that Hitler, Stalin and the aforementioned tyrants were mass murderers and dictators only means that we were the ones who won. If things had been different, who knows what history would have looked like today.”

He continued, “What I’m trying to say here is – when you’re faced with impossible odds, you start looking for any and all advantages. And if I have to resort to a more vulgar rhetoric – so be it. The most important part is I’m not lying regardless of what kind of vocabulary I’m using. This country is today on a collision path with God, with traditional moral values, with everything we used to hold dear and true. Perversion, sin and the Devil himself all have a permanent residence among Americans and the only way to battle that is to make drastic cuts. A particular one I feel would give us a huge head start is to ban young boys from masturbating and force them to have intercourse and make babies instead.”

Ruse said that the idea “wasn’t perfect,” but that at this point “we need to resort to radical moves, and avoid diplomacy and political correctness by all means.” “That would be one possible way of truly getting to work on making America great again. Think about it for a second: what I’m suggesting would effectively be something like killing not two, but three birds with one stone,” he revealed.

“Firstly, over the past 25 years, testosterone levels in young men have inexplicably dropped by very large amounts, and not masturbating would raise testosterone levels in boys’ blood. Second, we would have a lot more white babies as a result of only having sex and not masturbating. And thirdly, young boys would develop the mental toughness that would potentially result in them craving female companionship and avoiding the gay temptations of the Devil,” Ruse said. “We would reinvigorate and repopulate America in one go, and the best part is – there would be no additional cost to the measure. The national budget would be clear of all liability. I would even dare argue that it’s worthy of being christened The Final Solution – in a sense, of course.”