Bachmann: “I Advised Trump We Needed More Islamic Terrorist Attacks On U.S. To Win The Election”

Hot on the heels of another major Trump campaign shakeup, former GOP Rep. Michelle Bachmann revealed that she has been giving advice to nominee Donald Trump on foreign affairs, including the looming threat of Islamic terrorism in the world – and not just in her home state of Minnesota. Trump made a campaign stop in Minnesota Friday night for a private event for campaign contributors. According to MPR, the former congresswoman stopped in for a meeting with Trump before the event where she admitted that she is counseling him on world affairs as well as advocating for the concerns of Christian conservatives.

“He is very familiar with all of the threats the United States are faced with when it comes to radical Islam and jihad,” Bachmann told MPR. “A lot of people are giving him a hard time over the fact that he can’t control his mouth and has a short fuse. Truth be told, those aren’t the ideal character traits of a person running to be the President of the United States, but I’m confident he knows what he’s doing. After all, he IS a billionaire; it’s hard to believe someone is able to do that, even in this country, by being polite and politically correct.”

The former GOP Rep. also revealed that she has been advising the Republican presidential candidate on several issues that have to do with terrorism threats, most notably, ISIS and radical Islam. “To be perfectly honest, I’m not being paid to do it,” Bachmann said. “It’s more of a pro-bono type of thing, I’m doing it as a favor to him and because I genuinely have faith in him and what he wants to do for this country. Let me put it this way – I have so much trust in him that I would feel like the safest girl on the planet if I were his daughter.”

Asked to elaborate on the type of counsel she has been giving to the billionaire businessman, Bachmann said that she had advised him that the United States needed “more terrorist attacks, not less,” because that’s what will win him the election. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my country to death, but I think a couple more small-scale terrorist attacks would do us all good – the Army, police and government would have some more training, and on the other hand, the people of America would realize that what Donald Trump has been saying all along is actually true,” she argued

“I’m the first one to speak against generalizations, but I must say, probably some 90% of Muslims that are born and raised in the Middle East hate this country and wish to see it crumble,” she said. “So, in my book, they’re just as bad and dangerous. Again, this is not discrimination, just extreme caution. And if he wants to win the election in November, Trump could really do with another terrorist attack; I mean, even an attempted one would suffice. Otherwise, his chances of winning are, at best, slim to none. I hate to be the one to say it, but that’s the way it is.”

“Advisers are often labeled conspirators because we have a habit of not sugar-coating everything like assistants. That’s why I’m worth every inch of that Manhattan condo he decided to give me as a way of saying thanks for opening his eyes. And I’m not embarrassed one bit,” she concluded.