Bakker Calls Trump To Use His Legal Power And Cancel SNL Because “They’re Hurting God By Insulting Our President”

During “The Jim Bakker Show” on Thursday, televangelist Jim Bakker talked about tensions and divisions, which he connected to the First Horseman of the Apocalypse. He pointed out that a sign of this evil spirit is the hateful and mocking language people use against President Trump. “It seems like there is a hatred among peoples and this is satanic,” Bakker said. “This is the White Horse of the Apocalypse. The White Horse of the Apocalypse is the first horse. It’s a horse of speech. It’s a horse of spirit. And the spirit of Antichrist is out now. This is what you’re seeing. You want to know what the Antichrist spirit looks like? That’s what’s going on in America. These people mocking the president. The words they use. The speech they use. That’s the spirit of Antichrist. That’s the spirit of hatred.”

In a subsequent interview with internet portal, Bakker also argued that the “leaders” of such foul language that promotes hatred by setting “a very obvious and infectious example” is the comedy show Saturday Night Live. “My problem with it is not the fact that it’s supposed to be comedy. Everybody could use a good laugh here and there and comedy is what keeps us cheerful and in a good mood. What’s more, I would deem it essential to every modern society that aims to stay healthy mentally. However, there’s a huge difference between tasteful comedy designed to make people laugh by slipping in a fat joke here and there and the abomination and foul insults that Saturday Night Live keeps spitting out on every edition of the show. At this point, we might as well start using that sort of language in everyday conversations because they don’t use filters. Ever,” he said.

The televangelist then called President Trump to respond to the insults and cancel the comedy show “by using all of his legal power.” “I really think he ought to do it; as a matter of fact, I hereby call on him to do just that, because at some point he’s going to have to stand up to them,” Bakker said. “Sure, I know just as well as the next guy that if you’re in show business one way or another, you’re going to have to develop a thick skin. This is an everyday occurrence for public figures, but no one said that’s meant to include the worst insults and hate speech on all levels, and certainly not the kind of language that stops at nothing to dish out a poisonous word or joke, most of which target the entire First Family as well. And as bad as they may be – there still has to be a line which mustn’t be crossed, not even when making jokes,” Bakker added.

“Because of everything aforementioned, President Trump needs to use his legal power and cancel Saturday Night Live, because, a) the man has a right to give them a taste of their own medicine, which is to say, hold nothing back and go with the eye-for-an-eye philosophy, and b) that kind of language is indirectly hurting God because it is aimed towards insulting the President of the United States. We all know by now that Donald Trump was chosen by God to serve as president, so any and all attacks on his person are at the same time aimed towards God. And it’s never ever a good idea to mess with God, people. I mean, if he’s got enough legal power to ban travel from Muslim countries, he ought to have enough of the same to cancel a puny so-called comedy show that does nothing more but serve as a Saturday night gig for failed, washed up actors and other public wanna-be figures,” he concluded.