AL Republican Bill To Ban Electricity For Food Stamps Users: “They Need Jobs, Not Free Public Benefits”

Alabama Republicans say they want a new bill to drastically limit state welfare programs so that recipients will get jobs – but the bill eliminates the most common means of transportation to and from work. The bill, created by Republican Sen. Arthur Orr, cuts the time frame for assistance from five years to three. It also disqualifies people from getting food stamps or financial assistance for families with children if the recipients own cars, according to the Montgomery Advertiser. “We want to get people working back in the workforce and not hanging out for public benefits because they can,” Orr told the paper.

“Let’s look at the problem from the beginning, shall we,” he continued. “When you’ve got people who are used to getting food stamps and welfare from the state, that means they’re not motivated to go out there and try to earn money on their own. It’s simple psychology, really – they’re thinking, ‘I’m already getting free food and a free bed from the state, and I’m just fine where I am. I don’t want to go through the stress of finding a job and then working every day when I can just hang out here and get stuff for free.’ Well, that’s just wrong. We can’t have that. We can’t have people who are laying around doing nothing and who are getting basic living necessities such as food and electricity for free thanks to other people who are working their butts off and paying their taxes. That’s about to change.”

Orr added, “Right now, we’ve got hundreds of thousands of people on welfare, food stamps recipients even, who own cars. I mean, where’s the logic in that? What, you can’t afford to buy your own food on a daily basis, but you can afford to own a several-thousand-dollar vehicle? The state is being made a fool, and not just that, the hard-working, sympathetic people of Alabama are also being ridiculed. They are – we are – supporting laziness and corruption. But not anymore. The bill aims to change the situation and make homeless people and food stamps recipients motivated enough to get out there are get a job. We’re denying their right to free food and even electricity, and we’re doing it because they don’t deserve it. They’re not contributing anything and are further impoverishing the state and Alabamians.”

Orr also added that “the state is done supporting liars and social criminals,” and that “as a representative of the people of Alabama, it is my duty to fight for social equality.” “We’re done being nice, we’re done being taken advantage of. One of the basic economic mantras is ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch.’ We’re going to apply that to all the food stamp recipients in the state of Alabama. They will not be granted electricity, free food or motorized vehicles any longer. If they want to live like the rest of us, they’re just going to have to get up and work as hard as the rest of us do. And if these measures somehow fail, the next step will be mass deportation of these people to Mexico, just like Mexico has been doing to America for decades, because jail is too good for them.”

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