Rep. Debbie Riddle Aims To “Ban Women Larger Than A C-Cup To Breastfeed In Public”

It has become painfully obvious that the Republican Party in Texas is not a fan of the uterus. Everybody got that loud and clear. However, it now seems that some in the Republican Party are not fans of breasts, either. Longtime progressive champion and pro-lady advocate Rep. Jessica Farrar filed a bill that relates “to the promotion of breastfeeding and the prohibition against interference with or restriction of the right to breastfeed; providing a private cause of action for denial of this right.” The bill is intended to protect a woman’s right to breastfeed.

However, it would appear that Farrar’s bill also managed to raise some flags with – surprisingly – women. Rep. Debbie Riddle requested that the bill be modified to contain some conditions that not all mothers are going to like. Namely, the modified bill states, among other things, that “only women who possess the breast size C-cup or smaller shall be allowed to breastfeed in public areas.” Asked to comment on the discriminatory clause in the bill, Riddle simply stated, “Nature knows what it’s doing.” She also added, “It’s for the greater good. We already have more than enough distractions when walking the streets, and we don’t need this one as well.”

Asked to elaborate, Riddle stated that “everybody knows what happens when a woman with a D-cup size breasts starts breastfeeding her child in the park or on the street. Everybody immediately stops and starts staring. And that situation is not good for the mother, as it makes her the object of lustful gazes, nor is it good for other people who happen to be present at that time. Men are generally the ones who ‘profit’ from such situations the most, at least until their wives or girlfriends notice that they’re staring. It’s just distracting.”

Riddle also added that “studies have shown that women with bigger breasts are not commonly associated with modest behavior.” “In other words, they know very well that they’re attracting attention, so they tend to do it intentionally. That has consequences for both them and anyone they’re attempting to influence. Imagine walking down the street with your husband or boyfriend and encountering a busty mom who happens to be breastfeeding her child while sitting on a bench. Do you really think any man would be able to look away? On the other hand, women who have a C-cup bra size or smaller are not that interesting, which means they’re not in danger of distracting any passers-by. That’s just common sense,” she argued.

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