Bangalore: The Top Choice among NRI’s while investing in Real Estate

Bangalore, India in the state of Karnataka is known as the IT hub of India which is a fact well known among Indians as well as NRI’s, but it is also the present hub of real estate investment among most NRI’s is one of the amazing facts that has come up in recent times. I have been an NRI for almost 20 years as of now but I had never thought that the last city i.e. Bangalore, India where I had lived while working in India would again inspire and recall me to return and make an investment over here again.

I had always been very interested in investing in my homeland for the last 5 years as investing money in a developed economy like that of the USA, comes with a lot of regulations and limitations. Therefore, India has become a haven of real estate investments for NRI like us, who expect to earn some good return on investments from the money we invest. is one of the best real estate websites which has helped me to list studio apartments in Bangalore as well as resale flats in Bangalore at every location and the best prices while sitting on the comfort of my couch at home in the USA. provides great features like RERA compliance; direct owner flats listings without the involvement of brokers as well as direct developer listings in apartments. One must surely consult this website as it offers various listing options for searching properties of your choice before buying flats in Bangalore.

Why Studio Apartment in Bangalore from is the apt choice for real estate investment by NRI’s?

Studio apartments can be said as a self-contained unit within a multi-story building where one can find the bedroom, living room and kitchen in a single open space. It may also include balconies and several separate bathroom units. It is similar to a hotel room arrangement with many stylish and exquisite interiors. They are perfect for couples or small families, single parents, students or working professionals who live alone or with partners without parents.

The rapid development in the industrial, commercial and social infrastructure of Bangalore has Bangalore one of the most rapidly developing metropolitans among all of Asia. This has led to the migration of a huge number of populations from the semi-urban or rural fittings to Bangalore in hope of success in education, jobs or business. This required rapid development in real estate as well as resulted in a rise in the standard of living of the people that live in Bangalore, India.

Some of the top reasons for people as well as NRI have to choose to live in a studio apartment in Bangalore:

  • Studio apartment in Bangalore is the first choice for people who want to afford the cheapest and most affordable to stay in expensive cities like Bangalore. Therefore investing in a studio apartment in Bangalore wouldn’t cost much like an investment for NRIs like us and they usually are a good return on investment because of its high demand.
  • Investing in a Studio apartment in Bangalore is a good option through also because it doesn’t require much effort to maintain and can easily be decorated and furnished at a much lesser cost, which usually goes along pretty well with the lifestyle of the people of Bangalore.
  • Even if NRI’s or the renters or the sellers of a studio apartment want to move, it becomes very easy to de-clutter the house for further sale. As studio apartment in Bangalore is very much in demand and most people who come to seek jobs in Bangalore especially people in IT are always in the move, it becomes hassling to shift homes in a generic apartment but that hassle is largely reduced in a studio apartment.
  • It saves a lot of time especially for entrepreneurs and businessmen and women, or working couples like that of NRIs who come for business trips to the city of Bangalore. A studio apartment in Bangalore through would save one’s money for the business as well as help them to utilize their time in business than in the maintenance of homes.

Why resale flats in Bangalore at are a better choice for investment than new apartments?

Bangalore is one of the most rapidly developing metropolitans in India which makes its real estate prices quite high, as well as the standard of living, is often unaffordable for all those who migrate to this city in search of a better future or job prospects. Therefore for them, resale flats in Bangalore are a good option to invest rather than waiting for the real estate prices to fall. There are great options of luxury resale flats in Bangalore available for the NRI’s at, which would be available at almost 25% to 50% lesser price than the newly constructed luxury projects with all the advanced amenities. Some of the advantages of buying a resale flat in Bangalore are given below:

  • Resale flats in Bangalore are a good investment for NRI’s as they can often buy it at cheap prices from than the present real estate market and resale them at good prices after minor modifications which will be cheap as well as provide you with a profit as resale flats in Bangalore are always in demand.
  • Resaleflats in Bangalore are often preferred in a crowded metropolitan like Bangalore when NRIs prefer to stay at a certain location where new projects are very unlikely to come up and yet one may demand to live in that certain area only. Then resaleflats in Bangalore can be a great option.
  • One important aspect of buying resale flats in Bangalore for NRI’ is that they are always ready to move in. So if you want to move to Bangalore immediately, you can or even if you decide to invest in such flats you can always seek for such customers whom you can sell the flat at good prices.
  • Resale flats in Bangalore provide another important aspect, which is lucidity in the final price.