Ben Carson Suggests Allowing Only Lesbian Marriages: “The Bible Says Nothing About That”

“Ben Carson finally found a simple way to avoid saying anything controversial about gay marriage during a stop in Sarasota on Monday. Asked if he still believes being gay is a choice – as he stated on CNN just a month ago – the likely 2016 presidential candidate was unequivocal in his answer.

““I don’t even want to talk about it,” Carson said as he turned away from the reporter who asked the question. “Because whether it is a choice or not doesn’t matter.” The issue has been a problem for Carson in the past. The retired neurosurgeon said in a March interview that “a lot of people who go into prison straight, come out being gay.”

When CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked if he meant he thought homosexuality was a choice, Carson said “absolutely.” That provoked a series of stories mocking him and comedy shows like Saturday Night Live excoriated him for his comments, even though Carson later apologized for the remarks.

“In Sarasota on Monday, before a rally, Carson, when asked about gay marriage, told reporters that the constitution protects everyone regardless of their economic status, sexual orientation or race.

““And that is what we need to concentrate on. And we don’t need to really delve into the details of how did they get that way or what the implications of it are,” said Carson, a Republican who lives on Florida’s East Coast. He also downplayed the issue, saying it’s only an issue because “people want to create controversy.”

However, it can be said that Carson also created some controversy (yet again) during a subsequent interview with Newslo, saying, “Although I will not further comment on gays, the Bible says nothing about lesbians.”

“The Good Book really does not say anything about two women being wed in holy matrimony. Who knows, if we’re striving for equality and are so keen on making things fair for everyone, maybe we should consider allowing only lesbian marriages? That sounds like a good compromise to me,” Carson stated.

He added: “I mean, I’m definitely all for it. If the LGBT community agrees, I think we have a deal. Anyways, girl-on-girl action is more natural. I bet even gays watch it sometimes.”

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