Benham Brothers Aim To Ban LGBT People From Using Public Toilets “Because That Would Prevent Normal People’s Prayers In There”

A pair of would-be reality TV stars lashed out at North Carolina lawmakers who are considering the repeal of an anti-LGBT measure that may have cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars in business. David and Jason Benham, whose extreme anti-LGBT views cost them an HGTV reality show before it began production, warned the repeal was a “political shakedown” that would allow civil rights activists to persecute Christians, reported Right Wing Watch. Lawmakers were scheduled to meet Wednesday to discuss the repeal after Charlotte revised an ordinance that caused the Republican-controlled legislature to pass the controversial “bathroom bill.”

“We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: the state of North Carolina was absolutely right and dead on when it passed HB2, and any type of repeal, either in part or entirely, would mean an open hunting season on Christians of all walks of life, and particularly traditional and conservative ones,” the twins told the North Carolina Daily. “The bill was a good decision for more reasons than one, and the biggest advantage it has brought forth by far is the fact that it prevents sexual predators of all kinds from entering public bathrooms and assaulting unsuspecting women and children.”

They continued, “However, there is an even more important reason why HB2 needs to stay right where it is, and that’s the fact that many Christians have a habit of using public bathrooms for things other than what they were originally intended for. And when we say that, we’re actually referring to the fact that, because of today’s modern technology and the rise of feminism and anti-Christian sentiment throughout America, traditional Christians are the ones being oppressed and persecuted. Praying in public or saying the Lord’s name anywhere out loud is no longer considered desirable behavior, but an insult to atheists and other types of religious abominations. Being a Christian in today’s America requires a lot more courage and brass than it used to.”

“So, many people, ourselves included, have resorted to using public bathrooms for prayers in hours of need,” the twins added. “We’re sorry to say it, but public bathrooms have today become one of the few places where traditional, conservative Christians have enough privacy to pray in peace. Hence, we’re sure you can understand our concern regarding the potential repeal of HB2. That would effectively mean that any and all sexual predators, deviants and various other mentally deranged people would have the freedom to enter bathrooms which are opposite of their biological sex, which would not only result in grave danger for anyone already in there, but also for any Christians who might be in the process of praying at the moment in question.”

“This is the liberals’ way of forcing Christians into participating in the next sexual revolution, which is more deviant and sick than it is revolutionary. We categorically refuse to be subjected to molestation and abuse by people who don’t know whether they’re boys or girls and would like to play for both teams. This is not our reality; it is a make-believe situation created by the feminist movement and liberals who seek to further destroy the traditional American society. We won’t stand for it and we are fighting back, and we are hereby calling all normal people of America to get involved in North Carolina’s war on sickness before the same plague starts infecting other parts of the country. All we want is to be allowed to pray in peace while we poop; is that really too much to ask?” they concluded.