9 Best Side Hustles for Law Enforcement Officers

Some people think that law enforcement officers have an easy job, but that’s not always the case. An LEO has to go through a lot more than what meets the eye.

Pressure, danger, and constant stress are just a few aspects of the job. Moreover, the officers often don’t get paid well.

If you are a law enforcement officer who can use some extra cash each month, you have landed on the right page.

Below, we have curated nine best side hustles for law enforcement officers so you can put your experience and expertise to use.

Top 9 Side Hustles for Law Enforcement Officers

Despite their profession, many people look for a side job for extra income or other reasons. If you are searching for the best side hustles for law enforcement officers, you should know which side jobs are perfect for your profession.

Here are nine side hustles for making more money as an LEO.

Sell Online Courses

A very popular way of making money these days is by selling online courses. You can share your skills in any field be it management, marketing, technology, and even cooking. There are many easy-to-use platforms to create online courses and sell them to those seeking to learn new skills.

Complete Online Surveys

Another common side-hustle these days is filling out online surveys to make money from home. You can check out websites like Just Answer that pay you to answer professional questions.

As an LEO, you can use your expertise to answer queries related to your experience in law or go for an entirely different category of your interest.

Write in Newspapers

If you are a police officer, you have probably encountered many situations at work that can make interesting accounts for the public. So, why not start getting paid by sharing your knowledge and experiences with others?

Newspapers and magazines are the best platforms to begin as a freelance writer. Your unlimited cases and expert guidance will attract a broad audience who is interested in thrilling stories.

Plus, you’ll never be short of topics like other freelancers who are always busy searching for new ones.

Start a YouTube Channel

Another way to share your life with others is by starting a YouTube channel. Vlogging your life as an LEO can be fun, especially for those who want to share little things from their everyday lives with an audience.

Managing a YouTube channel requires dedication, but if you don’t let distractions get in your way, you can start making money in relatively short order. You can also ask your friends and colleagues to help you film in your free time, which will make the videos even more enjoyable.

YouTube is not the only option. You can also use any social media platform and then monetize it once you have a huge following.

Coach at Camps

If you’re a physically active and fit officer, the job opportunities for you are not limited. One of the best side hustles for law enforcement officers who love fitness is working as a trainer for a niche boot camp.

People mostly prefer a camp that has something unique to offer. Therefore, joining a niche camp is more beneficial than being a trainer at the generic boot camp. You can work as a gym instructor at the camp as well.

Traffic Controlling

As an LEO, you probably know enough about the law to work as a traffic controller. While working as a traffic controller, you have the option to work on a small scale and control road traffic, which requires zero investment.

If you think you can work on a larger scale, opt for traffic control at particular locations such as concerts, meeting areas, and stadiums. No matter which option you choose, this side hustle is sure to bring in a decent amount of cash to bear your monthly expenses.

Car Jobs

Many law enforcement officers are interested in side jobs that are not related to their field. Since spending all day working as an officer can get pretty stressful, you can go for a side job less about law and security.

If you drive a car as part of your work routine, perhaps you know about car detailing or mechanics. So, you can take up car jobs at a local car station or offer transportation services.

These days, it is not unusual for people to have a side job as a rider for restaurants or even a van driver for school and colleges. You can also work as a car detailer in a car service center, which provides exterior washing, polishing, waxing, etc.


Landscaping is one of the best side hustles for law enforcement officers who enjoy staying outdoors. It can be a reinvigorating experience for many and allows you to make money as well.

You can start by edging and trimming and grow your business with time. Shoveling the snow in the winter, planting trees in the nursery, and digging out stumps outdoors are just a few options that can help you make good money while enjoying your time outdoors.

Start a Cafe/Restaurant

If none of the above side hustles is your cup to tea, you can take a different path. You can start a small cafe or a restaurant and manage it in your free time. But for that, having both money and time is compulsory.

It is a bit more difficult and time-consuming than others. Along with your time, you will also have to put in the effort to make big decisions and hiring employees.


These nine best side hustles for law enforcement officers are great ways to make money in your non-working hours. If you pick the right one, a side job can be very rewarding and help you manage your expenses in a better way.