3 Best Useful Platforms for Students

Online learning is not merely a part of modern education. Learning platforms can soon supersede a conventional learning process. Until then, the students try to acquire academic or extra knowledge from websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare.

Using the video lesson from the professors of the top universities, artists, and companies’ CEO, you can upgrade your knowledge and learn something new. You may wonder how people on such writing service websites as paperwriter.com know so many different things. Well, with the help of the learning platforms, you can see that everything is possible.

Here are the Best Useful Platforms


Udemy has been successfully existing for years, and people know this learning platform as a reliable and excellent website. There are more than 150 thousands of courses available in more than 65 languages. It does not matter what you are studying – business or health, academics, or photography – you can find merely any course you need at Udemy.

One of the advantages of Udemy is the variety of forms of these lectures. Naturally, you will see dozens of online lectures and pieces of training. However, there are also audios, text elements, and even quizzes. While the courses’ prices vary from $15 to $200, you can always preview your choice to make sure you want to learn it 100%.

The access to a course has no expiration date. Therefore, you can prolongate the process of learning as you wish. Importantly, there exists a system of refunds. In case if you are not satisfied with the course, lecturer, or material (doubtfully), there is a 30-days full refund.

Also, for the sake of the students’ convenience, the learning platform Udemy offers a mobile application. The users of Androids and iPhones can download the app and study anytime and anywhere. And an essential characteristic of the platform is that you receive a certificate after completing the chosen course.


Coursera is one of the most favorite and currently popular learning platforms among the students. The point is that this platform provides access to the academic courses studying in which you can get a required University degree. At the moment, the whole world switched to distant learning, and this website seems to be a good idea.

Here, you will find the material in many disciplines. More than 4000 courses offer the content in such subjects as I.T., humanities, math, languages, logic, etc. Most importantly, over 200 top universities (the University of Pennsylvania, Yale) and companies (Google) offer all the courses.

Keep in mind that there are a few types of programs and courses at your choice. So, there are specializations, regular classes, professional and master track certificates, and the ones that allow you to get a university degree. While specializations help master a specific skill, professional certifications will help job-seekers. All the courses are different in length and duration.

As for the form of the presented material, Coursera made sure you have plenty of these. The video lectures, group forums for discussions, self-made quizzes, and even hands-on projects. Coursera has a mobile version of the website. Finally, there are both free and paid courses. The paid ones have the prices starting from $39.


Skillshare is a widely popular learning platform among the students eager to learn new skills from outstanding writers, artists, film directors, and many other creative people. It is an app that makes it convenient to use on the go and abroad.

All the courses come in the form of short videos, as well as extended courses. The long courses last for several minutes and up to an hour. You would like to know that there are so-called `assigned` tasks and exercises that will train the students to practice theoretical knowledge and acquired skills.

The platform presupposes cooperation between the learners. As you finish a course or specific lessons from the course, you can share your project with other students. Therefore, you can always see not only your progress but also the growth of others.

There are free courses and a variant of paid membership. In the case of the second one, you choose whether to use the platform a month and more, where a month will cost you $19. If you want to get a yearly subscription, its price is $99. There is a third option, however, a gift card. Buying a gift card, you save $3 for every month!

Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare are only three brilliant learning platforms for students in 2020. There are, for sure, many of these. You although could find a lot of articles about the improving of your skills in writing. Nevertheless, we presented these three options, which continue to be the most wanted among the students from all over the world. The platforms make sure to provide quality and convenience for those who are willing to become the best versions of themselves.