Bill Clinton: “I’m Too Old To Be Called ‘First Lady,’ Maybe I Could Do With ‘First Grandma’”

“Bill Clinton’s regular refrain when asked about his wife’s presidential aspirations is that he will be supportive of whatever she chooses to do. But, by now, the former president has encountered the question enough times over the years that he’s had plenty of time to envision his life as husband of the United States’ first female president.

“And, as he revealed in an interview some time ago, he has even put some thought into what he might want to be called. “Let’s say, if a woman became president, we could, I could be called Adam,” Clinton suggested. “Get it? Like the First Man?”

“It might be one of the more clever titles posited for a female president’s spouse. Another top contender, of course, is “First Dude,” inspired by the preferred nickname of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd.

“Though the role of president’s husband has yet to exist in the United States, in many other countries a female head of state is not such a foreign concept. Should Hillary win the White House, Bill might take his cue from the husbands of other female leaders and go by “First Gentleman,” as former Indian President Pratibha Patil’s husband was known, or forgo a nickname and keep a low profile, like German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s husband. However, the latter isn’t really Bubba’s style.

“Bill Clinton does, however, already have an official title. Having served in the nation’s top office, he will forever be referred to as “Mr. President.” If Hillary were elected, the two might simply be called “Mr. and Mrs. President. Talk about a power couple, huh?

On the other hand, it would seem that Bubba’s opinion on the matter changes with time, as can be seen from what he told Newslo exclusively.
“It would certainly be a historical precedent to have a woman as President of the United States, there’s no doubt about it,” Clinton told Newslo. “I have always sort of admired countries of the world who weren’t afraid to put the reins in the hands of powerful women. Now, I’m not just saying this because it’s my wife who could be the next president, but I honestly feel it’s about time America broke through the last major gender barrier in politics.”

He also said: “As for my position and title in the whole matter, I’ve always tried to be a modest man. I don’t even mind being called ‘First Lady’ if that’s what gets the job done. However, I do feel that because of my age, ‘First Grandma’ or the like would suit me far better [laughs]. The only thing I’m worried about, if that happens, is that I’ll have to change my position on same-sex marriage, and between you and me, I’m really not keen on doing that.”

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