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Bill Cosby Sues NBC Network For Human Rights Violation

“In the aftermath of more than 15 women stepping forward and claiming to have been sexually molested by America’s favorite dad, Bill Cosby demonstrates that he’s not one to back down when faced with serious, career-threatening allegations.

“Namely, in recent days, a total of 15 women have said publically they’ve been victimized by the legendary comedian, and 6 of them have even revealed their identities.

“As a result of such bad publicity, NBC has decided to cut the project planned to air next year, which would have featured Cosby in a role unsuited for an alleged sexual offender – a loving, caring dad of a large family (gee, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?).

“The NBC Network has refused to comment further on the matter, except for saying that the new sitcom, which was in its early development stages, was supposed to star Bill Cosby as the head of a family consisting of several generations, and that it was scheduled to air sometime during 2015.

“However, since NBC clearly doesn’t share the sensationalist “any publicity is good publicity” approach to television, it has decided to cancel all further plans for the project. This has infuriated the famous comedian, who has decided to take legal action against his (now former) employer.

“Marty Singer, Mr. Cosby’s attorney, has confirmed this to Newslo and has allowed an exclusive interview with the comedian.

“It’s a damn shame what they’re doing to people like me, who’ve spent decades on television and have helped raise entire generations of kids. I mean, people think that being a comedian is easy; all you have to do is crack jokes all day long. But, there’s much more to it than anyone thinks, and believe you me – everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY has a release valve for the stress”, Cosby said to Newslo.

He added “it’s all a matter of double standards, you see. While people like that Bieber kid are allowed to drown in cocaine and heroin all day long, I get crucified for a half of dozen tiny rapes. How’s that fair?! That’s why I’ve made the decision to take matters into my own hands and sue those NBC S.O.B.’s for cancelling my last shot at some decent money. And I’ll just tell you – what I’ve done with those girls is child’s play (pun intended) compared to what that network’s executives are doing on a daily basis.”

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