Police Chief: “I Shot My Wife In My Sleep, Dreamed She Was Bill De Blasio”

“Atlanta, Georgia – According to a 911 tape released Friday, the police chief in an upscale community outside Atlanta said he was sleeping when he moved a gun in the bed and accidentally shot his wife in the back.

“William McCollom, 57, has not been charged with a crime, but he has been put on administrative leave while the Georgia Bureau of Investigation investigates the shooting. The call to 911 was made around 4 a.m. Thursday; McCollom didn’t mention he was the top law enforcement officer in the town of 35,000 people until the 1:50 mark in the 6-minute recording.

“He started out the 911 call by describing the problem: “gunshot wound, accidental, need medical ASAP.” The 911 operator asked where the gun was located. At first McCollom said he didn’t know, then he said, “I’m the chief of police. The gun is on the dresser.”

““You’re the chief of police in Peachtree City?” the operator asked. “Yeah, unfortunately, yes,” McCollom answered.

“According to the hospital, Margaret McCollom, 58, was listed in critical condition Friday at Atlanta Medical Center.

“The GBI said in a statement released Friday: “Chief McCollom has been cooperating with GBI agents working the investigation. Ms. McCollom will be interviewed when her medical condition improves. When the GBI completes the investigation, it will be turned over to Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard.”

A source in the Peachtree City Police Station revealed to Newslo that McCollom told the investigators he “felt terrible about what he did, but that he must have done it because it was a very peculiar dream.”

“I could have sworn I was in New York City and was on my way to meet that prick of a mayor, Bill De Blasio. I don’t remember what happened next, but I do recall feeling very angry with him and drawing for my gun. The next thing I do remember, I’m dialing 911 and then you guys showed up,” were the words of the Peachtree City Police Chief currently on administrative leave.

Newslo’s source concluded by saying: “I guess we cops can go overboard with our collegial solidarity sometimes, but I suppose we’re all just made that way.”

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