Bill Maher: “Moderate Muslims Should Fight Radical Muslims; I’m Not Sure Which Side Obama Belongs To”

“President Barack Obama was blasted by HBO talk show host Bill Maher on Friday for saying religion isn’t responsible for terrorism, comparing the president’s statement to a National Rifle Association slogan. Mr. Maher said Friday that when President Obama said “No religion is responsible for terrorism. People are responsible for violence and terrorism,” that statement bore a striking resemblance to the NRA slogan, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

“Maher added that the administration’s reluctance to use terms “Islamic terrorism” seems Orwellian. “It seems like we’re paying a very high price for this, which is that we can’t even discuss it rationally. Can’t we at least say that there are a number of factors involved and the religion is certainly one of them?” Maher said, Mediaite reported Saturday. “This idea, he presented this idea that ‘Well, it’s poverty and education.’ It is poverty and education also, but why are they impoverished and uneducated? It’s mostly because of religion.”

“He further added that Muslim allies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan should be sending ground troops in to fight the extremist militants and not rely on American military powers and he called on moderate Muslims to stand up against the Islamic State.

““They’re always expecting us to bail them out. This would be a great time for moderate Muslims, who I hear so much about, why don’t you go to the Middle East to fight ISIS? The only real problem I see there is – where to put Obama? I honestly think he should join in and do his part for the cause, instead of just putting his legs up on a priceless Victorian desk in the White House. Then at least no one would have the right to criticize him, as much as he deserves it,” “Maher concluded.