Bill O’Reilly: “Women Shouldn’t Make A Big Deal Out Of A Single Slap For Insolence”

“Bill O’Reilly, who has made a name for himself in part for maintaining strong stances on a number of topics, has reportedly been accused of something he has historically opposed vehemently: domestic violence. The Fox News pundit was identified in testimony in a contentious child custody case with his ex-wife as having assaulted her while the two were engaged in an argument at their New York home, according to a new report from Gawker.

“The physical altercation, which is cited by an unnamed source who claimed to be close to the case, purportedly took place before 2010. During the incident, O’Reilly was said to have dragged his ex-wife, Maureen McPhilmy, down a flight of stairs by her neck, the report claimed. The couple’s daughter, who reportedly witnessed the assault unbeknownst to her parents, recalled the incident this year while speaking with an investigator, according to the report. If true, the claim of spousal abuse contrasts starkly with O’Reilly’s outspoken views on the issue.

When asked to comment on the allegations against him, O’Reilly stated that “the whole matter was just blown out of proportion.” Speaking exclusively to Newslo, he said there is no more need to discuss the “unjustly accusations being made against me, when there are clearly many cases of domestic violence throughout America that are occurring on a daily basis.”

However, when asked how he feels about his daughter witnessing the alleged incident, O’Reilly became aggravated: “Let me tell you one thing: Don’t you dare bring my daughter into this! I tried to talk to my ex-wife in a reasonable and peaceful manner that faithful night, but she just wouldn’t have it! She started talking about taking my daughter away from me and I just lost it. So, if you want to make a big deal out of one simple slap for insolence, you go ahead and do that! I’ve already paid my dues.”

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