Binomo Trading Platform Review – What Is It and How Does It Work in India?

This Binomo review covers all you’ll need to know about the Binomo Trading Platform in India. First things first: what is Binomo?

Binomo is a global online trading platform targeted at satisfying every trader’s need. The company was set-up in 2014 to provide all of its clients (both experts and beginners in the business) with excellent trading services and also with the assistance they’d need to make continued success as a trader.

What is Binomo in India?

Binomo India, as a result of the company’s expansion program. With as little as $1, you can trade on Binomo and expect an ROI of up to 90% (depending on your account type and correct forecast).

The minimum deposit that you can make on an account is as low as $5.

Binomo provides its wide inventory of clients with detailed analyses of market trends. Beginners on the platform are also possible for the Binomo tutorial, designed to help users master basic trading knowledge.

Is Binomo Real or Fake?

“Is Binomo Safe or a scam?” The trading platform values its reputation. So once you sign up, you don’t have to worry about “falling for the Binomo fraud”.

Binomo was founded in 2014 and has continued to expand, remarkably, since then. In 2015 and 2016 respectively, Binomo became recipients of the FE and IAIR Awards. Also, in 2018, Binomo was certified as an “A Category Member” of the International Finance Commission.

Additional confirmation of Binomo’s authenticity is the Forbes feature on it.

Sign in and Login

Signing up on Binomo is not difficult:

  • Go to the website;
  • You’ll find on their homepage, just next to the flag icon on the top right corner, a yellow icon;
  • Click on this icon to link to the Binomo sign in page;
  • To register, type, into the boxes provided, your email address and a strong password of your choice;
  • Choose the currency you’d like to trade;
  • Check the terms Client Agreement to indicate that you’ve read them and accepted;
  • It remains to click the sign-up button to complete the process and start trading.

You can also Binomo login using your Facebook and Google accounts.


Binomo com is not just an online trading platform, there’s also the opportunity for beginners to learn and improve their trading skills.

As a beginner on the platform, you have access to the following resources:

  • Pre-prepared market strategies with simple instructions you can follow step-by-step to trade;
  • Video lessons teaching you how to use Binomo;
  • Binomo’s glossary of terms, and also FAQs you can read to help you get started;
  • A Binomo demo account with up to $1,000 of virtual currency for you to learn how to trade on Binomo without having to lose real funds;
  • Trainings are also conducted individually for VIP members, too;
  • There’s also an option for you to operate and navigate Binomo in Hindi.

Account Types

There are four different types of Binomo accounts you can register for.

Binomo Trading Platform


The Demo account is for those who don’t know how to use Binomo. Upon registration, you’d be gifted $1,000 of virtual currency with which you can trade without any fear of losing your funds.


On the Standard account, you’re open to limited resources, opportunities and can only earn minimal bonuses.


  • A minimum deposit of $5;
  • Offers up to 100% bonuses on deposits;
  • Standard account owners, when they forecast correctly, will receive up to 85% returns;
  • Opportunities to participate in paid tournaments;
  • No insurance/personal manager.


Unlike the Standard account that’s restricted, Gold opens you up to more opportunities, resources, and significantly maximizes your earning potentials, too.


  • Total deposit of $500;
  • Up to 150% bonuses on deposits;
  • Access to expert advice from a personal manager;
  • 5% weekly cashback (in some case);
  • Accurate forecasts could bring up to 90% on profitability levels.


The VIP account is the highest you can register for. Among other things, this account allows you to invest with insurance tools that assist you with market analysis, trends, and strategies.


  • Total deposit $1000;
  • Up to 200% bonuses on deposits;
  • Accurate forecasts bring up to 90% profitability;
  • Exclusive access to risk-free trading;
  • 10% weekly cashback (in case of unsuccessful deals).

How to Use Binomo for Extra Income?

Binomo allows you to participate in competitions to earn more extra income.


Depending on your account type, the level, and the type of competition, you can enter any tournament for as low as $0-30. Prize funds for these tournaments usually range from a minimum of about $300 to 40,000.

Demo account holders can participate in the Daily Free tournament, it is the only one with no participation fee.


Withdrawal depends on your account type:

  • For Standard accounts – withdrawals are processed within a maximum of 3 days (depending on your payment system).
  • For Gold accounts – withdrawals are processed within 24 hours depending on the payment system.
  • For VIP accounts – withdrawals within 4 hours depending on the payment system.

If you have a Gold or VIP account, don’t worry about withdrawing funds, as some methods still require up to 3 days. The following are some of the options you can use for withdrawals: Bank cards or E-wallets.

Binomo App Review

What is Binomo App? In place of the Binomo website, you can use the app available on the Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS and you can download these and start trading.

You can also download the Binomo APK if you experience difficulty installing the Binomo trading app on your Android phone (


Here are what some users on Binomo had to say about the platform:

Time out: “I started trading on the platform 2 months ago! I earn extra income $100 a month. This is not bad for a student. Thanks!”

Brun time: “If you are smart enough, you can get trading on Binomo. There is no other way to get a profit.”

Saurabh Shivde: “If you have knowledge of technical indicators and trading strategies, you can get profit out of it.”

Amar Kama: “Binomo works. Do not be greedy and use strategies. I’ve done my first fund withdrawal and I’m very happy.”

Multytunes X: “My trading experience has been nice. I highly recommend it to all traders. It’s the right choice.”


Binomo is a great trading platform.  However, one thing you must understand about the company is, trading, like so many other business presents some risks. To salvage these risks, you’d have to learn the ropes and, very importantly, read the customer agreement form before making your first trade. Binomo, with these attributes, is one of the most reliable trading platforms in India.