Bishop E.W. Jackson: “White Liberals Wearing Their Pants Too High To Emasculate Black Men”

Religious preacher E.W. Jackson dedicated a good portion of his radio program recently to laying out his theory that men wearing earrings is the result of a liberal effort to emasculate black men. Jackson asserted that in the 1980s, an “androgyny movement” emerged that sought to convince people that “the coolest thing was to be neither male nor female.” One of the ramifications of this effort, he claimed, is that there is now a “fad,” especially among black men, that “has come into vogue of men wearing these great big ol’ diamond earrings in both ears.” Jackson argued that this is a trend that is “emasculating men” and “denying men their masculinity.”

“My problem with it, aside from the obvious, is the fact that, in addition to the plethora of other methods and techniques white people have used since slavery to put down our race and destroy it, is that they’re constantly becoming more and more creative and they keep finding new ways of striking at the core of black manhood,” Jackson added. “Over the course of history, they have evolved from extremely violent methods, like slavery and murder, lynching and the like, to more refined and subtle, yet equally effective ways of decimating the black culture in America. For some reason, we still can’t seem to get a grip with what’s being done to us, and what has been done to us for more than 400 years. It’s just incredible.”

He continued, “Just recently, I was walking down the street in my home town, and I noticed the picture-perfect white family packing stuff into their car. They were obviously preparing for a family trip somewhere, which is perfectly fine. And I’m not talking about your typical white, Donald Trump-supporting family. They were clearly liberal – so liberal, in fact, that the only red thing about them was their garden gnome’s pointy hat. But, what was so striking about that picture – and something I haven’t been able to get my mind off of since – was the fact that they wore pants that were incredibly high up. I’m talking about the area just below the belly button. Can you imagine the nerve on those people? To tell you the truth, I was appalled.”

“That’s when it hit me – that was nothing more than another very subtle, yet creative way in which white liberals were emasculating black men in this country. I mean, what could possibly have been the reason to wear pants that high up on the waistline? I get why the Mrs. did it, but you can’t tell me that was healthy for the husband. The worst part is – I’ve been looking around quite a bit since, and it turns out the majority of them are doing the exact same thing. I realized they were targeting black men specifically, because, as you know, African American men – and especially the younger population – have a habit of wearing their pants much lower than that. Some would argue that that’s because they inherently need more room down there, if you know what I mean, but I won’t get into that right now. The point is, it never ceases to amaze me how genius liberal white folks can be, especially when it comes to insulting and destroying African Americans,” Jackson concluded.