Mitt Romney: “Help Us Take The Black Shoe Off Of The Presidency Table”

“Washington D.C., the White House – US President (according to some) and “a disrespectful, moronic idiot of a human being” (according to many others), Barrack Obama, has managed to anger a whole lot of people in America, and not just with his politics and statements.

“Namely, the Internet is swarming with pictures of the US President holding his feet up on the Oval Office desk. In addition to being plain rude and unfit for a public dignitary or politician, at the end of the day, showing soles of one’s shoes is considered extremely offensive and, in some cultures, it can get you killed!

“The gesture has managed to shock hundreds of millions of Americans who are well aware of the fact that the Oval Office desk dates back to 1880, when it was given to then President Rutherford B. Hayes as a gift by Queen Victoria.

Sniffing out the opportunity like a bloodhound to bash on the Democrats some more, Republican Mitt Romney has, in his familiar style, called the American voters to “help the GOP take the black shoe off the presidency table.”

“Obama clearly has no respect for his country, and you better believe you don’t need that kind of man running things for long. I mean, look what he’s done to the place since 2008”, Romney almost shouted in an interview with Newslo. “I hereby invite every single able American to go out to their election box on November 4th and help the Republican Party win the Senate majority”, he added.

“Lifting your dirty feet onto something as precious and valuable as the antique Oval Office desk is worse than scratching or spitting on it; in fact, by doing that, Obama has spat on his own people. I urge the American people to help us put someone worthy of America in the White House in 2016”, Romney concluded.

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