Bobby Jindal’s Suggests No-Fly Zones To “Stop Refugees From Flying To Europe”

“Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal said over the weekend that he had a plan to defeat ISIS using “no-fly zones” even though ABC’s Martha Raddatz reminded him that the radical Islamic group did not have any airplanes. The Louisiana governor called for the U.S. to “create a no-fly zone working with our Turkish and other allies.”

““Let’s talk about the no-fly zone,” Raddatz interrupted. “ISIS doesn’t have aircraft. So what would that no-fly zone really accomplish? When has it really worked?” According to Jindal, a no-fly zone would “stabilize the region so you don’t have all these refugees flooding into Europe and trying to leave the country.” Jindal said that it would also prevent Russia from bombing Syrian rebels and would show “our Sunni allies in the region that we’re serious about winning this.”

In a subsequent interview with Newslo, however, Jindal revealed that his plan was, in fact, coined thanks to a powerful lobby from Europe, which has promised to aid his presidential campaign financially if he supports the no-fly agenda over the Middle East.

“You know how it is, times are rough, everybody wants a piece of the cake and the fact to the matter is that there just isn’t enough for everybody. You’ve got all those Syrian refugees who are swarming across Europe and the truth is that, no matter how many of them really want to just pass through the continent on their way to America, a number of them, and a very significant number are going to go, ‘Hey, it’s not so bad here. It’s almost underpopulated, nice to live and everybody is feeling sorry for us. I think I’m going to stay in this particular country.’ And that’s as certain as the sun rising tomorrow,” Jindal told Newslo.

He added: “So, a conglomerate of very powerful and very concerned people from all across Europe came to me and asked me to do something for them in return for a generous donation to my campaign. And everybody knows that Bobby Jindal has never turned down anyone in need. So, I am here to help protect the Old Continent from the influx of illegal immigrants who seek to bring their holy war on its territory. And although the plan isn’t looking like much now, I promise you that it will become more popular as soon as things with the refugees start getting worse.”