Brent Musburger Named ‘Creepy Old Guy Judge’ on Next Season’s America’s Next Top Model

New York — The CW and the Tyra Banks Company announced today that they have signed ESPN sportscaster Brent Musburger to a one-year deal to become the newest judge on America’s Next Top Model. Musburger will debut this summer as the show’s creepy old guy correspondent and fourth judge.

Musburger’s popularity hit an all time high after he commented on the attractiveness of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb during the BCS championship game. Recently Musburger expanded on his new found creepiness by calling sideline reporter Holly Rowe “smokin’” while signing off from a Kansas basketball game.

Tyra Banks and The CW are adding the 73-year old Musburger in an attempt to bring a new dynamic to the show’s 20th season. The show will be capitalizing on a hidden demographic: 70-year old men who love to watch young, scantily clad women.

“When we reached out to Brent and told him we would pay him to make creepy comments about hot younger women, he nearly had a heart attack,” explained show host, judge, and producer Tyra Banks. “We don’t want Brent to hold back. Not only will he have his very own recliner, but we are encouraging him to come to work in his sweat pants.”

In addition to Musburger’s role as the fourth judge, there will be a new feature on the show called “Musburger’s Minute.” The segment will be a weekly feature containing analysis from Musburger on various college athletes’ attractive girlfriends.

Musburger was unavailable for comment, but his agent said the veteran broadcaster is excited for this new role and has already begun doing “research” for the show.