Republican Official: “Modern, Western Women Are All Mentally Ill, With A Dash of Equal-Rights Disease”

After calling a woman mentally ill for disagreeing with a Facebook post, an Ohio township official claims he has no reason to apologize. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Bruce Jones, the fiscal officer for West Chester Township, shared a blog from right-wing conservative Matt Walsh about the Women’s March, in which he tells women to name one right that men have and they don’t, other than the right “to kill their kids.” One of Jones’ Facebook followers responded and said she gets treated differently every day and criticized him of “mansplaining” women’s rights to her. The township official griped about liberals’ “obsession” with equal rights.

“It’s as though that’s all they ever talk about anymore, 24/7, that’s all you hear from them,” Jones told the Cincinnati Enquirer in a subsequent interview. “Instead of doing what God intended them to do, which is be companions to men and bear children and live their lives alongside their male counterparts, women these days seem to unite only around false propaganda and alleged oppression of their gender. If they keep this up, I’m afraid we’re headed to the point of no return. It’ll be like in that movie, ‘No Men Beyond This Point,’ where we’ll all be marginalized and they won’t need us to procreate anymore. This is a serious problem, I tell you.”

He continued, “I don’t know if it’s because of all this modern technology, or the fact that they’ve become seriously empowered in the 20th century or what, but the fact to the matter is, if you look at the American society today – no, scratch that – if you look at all of Western civilization nowadays, you realize that pretty much 100 percent of women are mentally ill, with a dash of the old equal-rights disease.”

“For reference sake,” the official added, “if you compare that to some of the more patriarchal and what we like to call ‘oppressive’ societies that still exist in some parts of the world, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, and even Japan, the situation there is quite different. Women might be not be as free in those countries as they are here, but those are the countries that are progressing and developing.”

“Their economies are booming, their societies are much healthier and more homogenous than ours, and if you ask them, they’ll likely tell you they feel pretty free in their own countries, which is to say, unlike American and Western women in general – they have nothing to complain about. The fact that we think they’re being oppressed is another thing,” Jones opined.

“Bottom line, wherever you have feminists and women in power or with at least some degree of freedom, that’s where you’re going to have problems. And that’s one of the main reasons why, instead of moving forward, this country has moved backwards since Donald Trump became president. Our mentally deranged, equal rights-obsessed women are too stubborn to change and let this country change for the better. And 8 years from now, it will be their fault America isn’t still the number one world power and the greatest country in the world,” he concluded.